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Vivian James 2

By bocodamondo
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ive always wanted to make a second vivian james animations since my first one from quite a while. Vivian James by bocodamondo
and then i saw that toothbrush animation loop from that anime with a incredibly long name "Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka" also known as "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?"
i just had to do this ^^


took me forever to finish it though >:/

feel free to share this if you want, just dont pretend you made it ^^

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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Brush brush teeth!
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Dim432 Writer
Try to make brush teeth sexy
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Enderjack2000Hobbyist Writer
I like
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I'm trying to think of a song to go with this...
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FusionDrawerHobbyist Traditional Artist
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malaxnStudent Artist
My shiny teeth and me.
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CandiTheWildPigStudent General Artist
Peachy <"Brush brush brush! Brushin' everywhere!"
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Can hug you for making this?
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Just curious, but why the 8 instead of the clover? Isn't she the lovechild of 4chan's /pol/ and /v/? Is it supposed to represent 8chan, or was it just a change-it-up/spur of the moment type of thing?
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bocodamondoHobbyist Digital Artist
from what ive heard, 4chan started banning gamergate discussions which resulted into people going to 8chan for that and redesigning vivian to have the 8 ribbon , when i made this i saw quite a few fanarts of her with the 8chan ribbion, so i thought that is what is the best thing to do at the idea what is going on now, its been a long time since i heard something from gamergate, dont even know if its even still a thing anymore
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Sadly it turned into a bit of an eceleb circlejerk, drifted from the original purposes a lot.
8chan is still going but has its own fair share of site issues.
Good catch on the 8 ribbon.

I actually found your profile from looking it up based on the image because I saw it posted a lot and loved it. It's top tier.
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bocodamondoHobbyist Digital Artist
haha thanks ^^ i saw quite a few vivian james fanarts  back when she was created, so i didnt want to just make another drawing like everyone else and decided for a gif animation so that the result will be more unique ^^
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LOL I saw a gif animation of the anime that you are referencing in that animation from? But now? I really wanna see it! :XD:
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bocodamondoHobbyist Digital Artist
i never watched the anime though, all i know is one character from it got very popular for a while, hestia
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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
Ahaha, not only is this hilarious, but the animation is awesome. :)
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Pixel-InquisitorHobbyist Writer
This is weirdly cute. She really gets into brushing her teeth, it's practically a whole aerobic workout.

I'm also amused by the thought that this is the next cause Vivian stands for. Not just video games, but good dental health.
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My Shiny Teeth and Me!!
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jojafnotHobbyist Artist
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bocodamondoHobbyist Digital Artist
dont they? i saw it posted in twitter, know your meme and kotakuinaction subreddit, in all 3 occasions i got credited .
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Kronosx2008Hobbyist Digital Artist
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