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i draw alot of cute/sexy girls and DB stuff, so why not combine them together and draw launch haha 
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Beautiful!💙💚Today I was happy not to have the problem of Launch with her sneezing because I am allergic to pollen. 😂
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...and the fans r still mad at Torriyami for 4geting her
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That's really good! Launch could always use more fan art
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Lovee Launch awesome work!
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Nice.                                                                                                       Goku and the magic Nimbus 
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Posted this on the Launch page I co-admin. Gave you credit of course. I hope you don't mind. If you have a problem let me know and I'll remove the image!…
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Oh my God, I love this SO MUCH
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You drew them really well! How pretty! ^^
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Tien must be blind as a bat, EVEN WITH THE THIRD EYE, not to see a good thing when it comes along.
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 It sucks that toriyama has forgotten about launch which pisses me off
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Really great :lovelyeyes: 
She is wonderful :lovelyeyes: 
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Oh look it's me.............and my dimwitted good self

Now where should i put this?
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Bocodamondo you got mad skills I'm not at this level at all x,x I guess I'm in different levels but it's pro have to keep doing things my way I feel more comfortable using the tools I have keep up with the awesome bn.nb art
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eh its just a matter of practice really. i mean if you see my art from 2013 you'll notice for yourself haha
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I'm getting better on my own paste :P just wanted to let you know as person it cool to share feed back my feelings see it better to know than not knowing!
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