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Now that's a pumpkin

Pumpkin carved with a variety of different tools, exacto Knife, ribbon cutters, hoop knives, and dremmel.
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O_________________________________O Dude. I want it.
Dis is awesome;D
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cool, have u tried lighting pumpkins with a 50 watt bulb? ive found it truly brings the detail in the carving out
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:pumpkin: Featured here: [link]
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really disturbing, but nice
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that's....terrifying *faints*
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amazing (: This is wonderful
Thats sic man, sometimes I dont even believe these are pumpkins! xD
Rdy4Zimpact's avatar that's how you carve a pumpkin...well done! ^^
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Wicked awsome!
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WOW! I LOVE this!!!

I love the way the light gived the pumpkin a more alive look. It's as if the pumpkin was born for the flame, like a true little hell demon!

You obviously worked really hard on this! I hope you're atleast one of the runners up!
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OMFG, that thing freaks the hell out of me!!! (O_O)
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thats mental! love it
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thats the best freak face pumpkin I never see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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:omg: That is so freking amazing!
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I'm going to buy a bunch of pumpkins after today.

Since they'll be ridiculously cheap.

Allowing me many to practice on.

Yet i will not even come close to this.

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