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The Bedtime Express is an animated, interactive bedtime story for iOS developed by the Uk based studio Unit11 and illustrated by Dimitar Bochukov and Desislava Dimcheva.

Check out the art of the app here:…
Here is my new dribbble profile! I finally got invitation!
Recently we've launched an application called Flow Free Glow. I am the designer of that puzzle and MVPtech is the development studio.
It is identic to the well known Flow Free app but in our case the design is improoved. Flow Free Glow is simple and addictive puzzle game. Best of all it is completely free. Connect all pair of colors to create flow and solve each puzzle. You can't cross or cut a flow. Challenge yourself by connecting each flow in the perfect number of moves to unlock the highest achievement. Bridges over a flow are not allowed.
The game is already available for both Android and iOS users.

App store download :…

Google play download:…
Some speed paintings and drawings in progress…
Check what i recently did:…
Read here:…
I've been thinking a lot of changing my old boring invoice layout with something more artistic and cheery.Since i am an artist i am supposed to be creative, so my creativity should leave it's mark everywhere. Even in the  invoice i make for my clients at the end of each commission. I decided to play with watercolor spots  in the background and use manuscript for the word "Invoice" at the top. It is still in progress, but will write another post where you will see the final layout. Anyway, when making attempts to create the "most beautiful watercolor spots in the world" i decided to make some watercolor sketches of animals and here they are:…
I just opened the voting thread for the 36th issue of Creature planet now and i saw that my mystic fishes… won the contest. The topic was called "The ocean walker" .We had to create a creature concept or an illustration with this walking on water thingy. I came up with something more mystical, which inhabits swamps or puddles. I've always had this idea in my head turning and seeing this thread gave me the perfect ground for its realization.
Thank you everyone who voted for me, i owe you more and more great images!
If somebody ever had a corrupt psd file and had found a solution please help.Read and look what the layers turned into
Hey fellas, i've been looking at my profile these days and i realized that i need a premium membership.
So here is what i offer: I will draw an illustration or character for free to those who give me 1 year free DA membership.
If you're interested let me know :)
Hey people , i got me a new website. New domain name and a brand new design.
Check it out often to follow my updates:
new twitter account:
I am open for commissions now.
Contact me :
I haven't colored and inked comic book pin-up in traditional style until today.
You can see the pin-up here:…
follow me on twitter @
Vote for this design:…
I am currently open for comissions.
Contact me: bochistiq[at]gmail[dot]com
I am currently open for comissions.
Mail me : bochistiq[at]gmail[dot]com
For more information go here and check this…
You can just click here… and download a pack of awesome brushes for Photoshop. I made this collection couple of years ago and decided to share it with everybody who is interested.I can assure you that each brush is made by me and it's unique and pretty large so you can use it freely for high-res files.