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So here it is The fully textured docklands:Docklands 01 by BoChicoine
There were a lot of major behind-the-scenes changes made here, mostly with the lighting setup but the result is quite pleasant. It's definitely empty without any people in it though. This is the next step, designing and creating some character models to drop into this scene.

i want to add traders and general-population to the market area, to give it a bustling feel. Along with some crew for the ship and a soldier patrol on-foot coming out of one of the gates (or going in). Some guys on the walls and perhaps a peasant or two skulking around.

I may also add a few more items on the ground, such as an old anchor and some general debris on the ground and tweak the textures a bit more to give the whole thing a salty/weathered look (as was mentioned before).

So, this is far from finished, I will be posting some character designs next as that is my plan. So stay tuned and I hope your enjoying reading this dev journal as much as I am creating it.


P.s. Thanks DA for removing the premium membership limitation on access!

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Hey, I dunno if you still read such comments as you get, but I absolutely love this piece. I actually hand-cleaned a roughly 2k x 1k version of the finished product to use in a city map for my D&D campaign (entirely private) where it stands for a late medieval/early renaissance equivalent of Venice's Arsenale. Your other pieces up here are also good, but this is a five-star bit of architectural design. I wish you still kept making and posting these, but since I recently starting teaching myself Sketchup, well, I get it.

Thanks all the same, and I hope you don't mind me using your medieval docklands in my private game maps and illustrations.

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Hey! Thank you so much for this message.

I'm glad to hear you found a way to put it to good use and I really appreciate you getting in touch about it, of course I dont mind!

I've been pouring all my energy into studio work right now working with some really talented artists, it's very exciting but doesnt leave a lot of time in the evenings. That said, you aren't the first person to mention making these for D&D campaigns, 3d printing them etc. Maybe I will get back into it :)

Thanks again for the kind words!

Entirely deserved kind words, man, I assure you! Heh...thanks for getting back to me. It's kinda weird...I was laid up with health problems for about 5 months from Nov. to April (not CoVid) and used some of that time to scour the internet for isometric/axonometric buildings to use making maps. You're one of the artists whose work I found most useful, if scarce--yet it's been years since you made it, so it's a bit of a trip to hear back from you.

Anyway, I actually just used the town center as well in a different map, one I just finished. I dunno if you're curious to see, but I'll presume a bit on your good humor and link it here.

The Island-City of Coursiis-resize1

This was made with a program called Inkarnate; while I'm no slouch at illustration (I majored in oil painting--specifically portraiture--and digital media, and worked as an illustrator and in small roles for indy game studios about 20 years ago) even making simple maps can take rather a long tim. hand-illustrating an entire city at an isometric orientation is way too time-consuming.

So your piece is in the lower-righthand corner, just to the left of the watchtower on the lower right edge of the island. Your style fits in very, very well with Inkarnate's house style.

If you ever do make more such 3d pieces, a lot of people would be grateful, but of course, only if you have the time and the desire. Like I said, I've been teaching myself Sketchup, and finally managed a couple pieces that don't totally suck, so I plan to put a few of my own pieces up around the web to see what happens.

Cheers, and I hope your current projects all go well. Thanks again for the art, the reply, and being chill about me using your work in my (admittedly private) pieces.

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looks nice so far :)