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Hey guys, well here it is :)

This is a 3D model, fully textured and game-ready. Contains no N-gons and 13 tileable textures (diffuse, specular, normal, and in some cases: opacity and emmissive).

This is based off a sketch concept,
The full-view version can be found here: [link]


- polygon count now shows total number of Tris
- recolored up main wood texture
- added new moldy texture for peer struts
- increased number of hanging fish
- reorganized some of the deck objects
- added ores and ore supports to the boat
- added a fisherman's bucket
- added starfish to main net
- added more nets

Thanks to :icondavidhansson: for his suggestion!
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woooooow this looks amazing..n I loved the concept !! :) :D 
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Thank you very much !:)
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So do you do this for work or for fun? cause if it's for fun I quite honestly think an indie game company would be willing to hire you.
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Hi, I actually started my career working in an indie game company ;)

It's a great way to learn a different skills in a short amount of time and definitely a good route into getting a paid position or contract.
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Well Im currently working on a game with a friend of mine and if all goes well we might make another that would require someone with experince in 3D modeling and I'd would like to know (if your intrested that is) what the best way to contact you is if we do go one to making another one.   
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Just hit me up on here dude, or send an email directly to me if I'm not responding immediately (I dont check all the time)

I'm fairly busy but always happy to take a look :)
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I'm working on something similar , soon i will put it on my gallery.
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nice scene!!! i love the concept
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Nice. If anything I would add some algae on the wood close to the water. It looks a bit too clea.
Other then that great work, I like it.
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Nice! This looks awesome :D definitive fav!
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Now it's done! great job, it really look like the concept.

One little thing in my opinion though, I think it's a bit too brown, you should not fear to use more varying and experimental colours! Or making it more grey like the concept, it would make it look that it has been exposed to the harsh see climate.. Still it's only my opinion, it's still really good!
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Looks very good man.
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