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Darkness Weaves

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Last year I got the honor of creating the wrap around cover for the reissue of Karl Edward Wagner's Darkness Weaves. An amazing job it was and an incredible read to say the least. The luxurious book is now online for preorder, and is signed by yours truly! Check it out here: www.centipedepress.com/horror/…

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Just found this! Nice work but lacks the moodiness of the original Frazetta cover.  I was a fan of Kane from back in the 70s and still have all the Warner Books (now in plastic bags with a dose of baking powder.) Many claim that Kane was just a spin off of Conan by Howard but Wagner was a better writer than Howard and the stories are much more complex and "darker". Too bad Wagner died early especially when he had a contract for several more Kane books and anthologies. There was some talk about a Kane movie but never got off the ground. Always thought the wrestler "Seamus" would have been great in the part.
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WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow, this is amazing! Really good D:
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...the germanic lands are cold as fu**, they probabley need more clothing. ...and loose the horns, not historical/ colonial, christian theatrical design that wouldn't work well in battle.

I would add some shadow and vanish to the rope that the front most character is holding so that it lands on the opposite side of the character. As it sits it looks like the rope ties in one the same side of the ship as the front most character, which would not work since his legs are inside of the boat and he is standing pretty much straight up.

As well all of your characters are the same height and in the same pose, for the most part with no variation of density of population within the boat. You should refer to classical ship paintings for composition of character layout.

check out

"wrath of the medusa" by Gericault
or any of Caravaggio' compositions for character

Naturally it is human nature to focus on images of humans, if the characters are static so to is the composition.

Lighting, overall composition, fade, warm and cold tone, texture of objects all look great =D.

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If only the helmets, the swords, or the clothes were in any way viking. There's the shields and boat at least.
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Congratulations on your DD! :clap:!

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Ha! This is great. When I saw the thumbnail I immediately thought of Frank Frazetta's painting.

My only gripe is that Kane is left handed. ;) (Wink) 
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Nice work! Congrats on the DD
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Beautiful art
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Stunning detail and painting!! Congrats on the DD it was well deserved!
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Nice pic, though as someone who grew up watching the Muppet Show I can't see a scene like this without hearing the Village People in my head.   :D
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the lighting is greatness!
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Congrats on the DD! :DALove: by Ikue
Have a nice day! :love: by CookiemagiK
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Hey, wow, thanks for the DD and the support everyone!
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Vikings attack.
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I just can't get over how beautiful this is ♥  I really hope that you do more viking work in the future!  Your style and technique just compliments the subject so well.
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Great painting. The Drakkar seems a bit small compared to the characters, however.
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