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Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop


It's finally available on pre-order! The Beginners Guide To Digital Painting in Photoshop: Characters. Took me a large part of the summer to get my chapters done, but I'm glad to say I absolutely love the result. Another great release by the awesome folks of 3DTotal, and filled to the brim by tutorials from amazing artists like Charlie Bowater and Derek Stenning. Go pre-order your copy now to get a free video training and listen to me jabbering about stuff for the good part of it!…

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loved this chapter  turorial !!!
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Thank you!
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simple dan mengena step by stepnya bro... thanks.. (y)
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thanks for the guide,very useful!!
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Hey, it's that guy from The Order. I wanna say Galahad, but I think it might be the other one. Can't remember his name.
Looks awesome, though!
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Thanks! Yeah he kind of does, some other guys saw Joel from the Last Of Us in him. Guess old grey bearded guys have a lot in common :)
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I see. Yeah, this is who I was thinking about.…
Very nice, though!
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