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USS Saratoga - Library

I did this one as a commission for SeekHim (
It's the Library of her ship, set in the Abramsverse of Star Trek named USS Saratoga. Seekhim has written a story (A New Start,…) in which Captain Kirk leaves the Enterprise and accepts command of another vessel.
Her story is a continuation of ST2009: This Is The End, written by Neferit (…).
The ship, its bridge, corridor, captain's ready room, briefing room, captain's quarters, NCO's quarters, officier's quarters, enlisted crewmembers quarters, family quarters, quarters for married couples, mess hall, sickbay, recration room, transporter room, armory, shuttle bay, main engineering, stellar cartography, brig, sensor control room, geology lab, physics lab, biology lab, botanical lab, zoology lab, planetology lab, chemistry lab, arboretum and other interior drawings you can see here:… (made by: Colourbrand)… (made by: falke2009)… (made by me: BobyE)

This drawing is made by: BobyE (here as: bobye2)
With: Zoner Calisto 4

Based on and inspired by original designs from Star Trek (Paramount).
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