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USS Saratoga - Captain's quarters

I did this one as a commission for SeekHim (
It's the Captain's quarters of her ship, set in the Abramsverse of Star Trek named USS Saratoga. Seekhim has written a story (A New Start,…) in which Captain Kirk leaves the Enterprise and accepts command of another vessel.
Her story is a continuation of ST2009: This Is The End, written by Neferit (…).
The ship, its bridge, corridor, captain's ready room, briefing room, captain's quarters, NCO's quarters, officier's quarters, enlisted crewmembers quarters, family quarters, quarters for married couples, mess hall, arboretum, lounge and other interior drawings you can see here:… (made by: Colourbrand)… (made by: falke2009)… (made by me: BobyE)

This drawing is made by: BobyE (here as: bobye2)
With: Zoner Calisto 4

Based on and inspired by original designs from Star Trek (Paramount) and the PC/PSX game: Star Trek The Video Game.
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This looks great kind of a combination of classic and next gen.
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incredible! how much for a commission like this?
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Thanks :-)
It depends on what it is... but if anyone want something from me to create, just send me a note and we will see, if i am able to do it... ;-)
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The Captain's quarters has been reduced.

Now I will work on other quarters of Saratoga...
Officer's Quarters
These types are used by both Petty Officers' and ensigns
These are used by enlisted crewmembers.

Family Quarters

This is for families.



This is for couples who are married but don't have children.

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Looking forward to seeing more! :D
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Blimey - the ship is damn taking shape!! Excellent designed lay out here - better than my home!!
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This is amazing! This is one of the best ones that you have done bobye2!
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Thank you very much :-)
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Isn't that a bit spacious for quarters on a 180m starship?  That's barely longer than the Defiant, and her cabins were tiny.
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Enterprise NX-01 is 220-230 m long and the quarters are much bigger than the on board of USS Defiant (see T'Pol or Phlox and that is without the bathroom). Defiant is a war ship, without space for luxus.
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That may be true, but they weren't THAT much bigger and were double occupancy for most crew members.

I could see this as Captain's quarters on a big beast of a ship like the JJ Connies (725m), but this just strikes me as being space-wasteful on a little science ship.

Nontheless, the design and rendering are excellent in terms of execution.  Well done!
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After an agreement with SeekHim I will reduce this quarters. New version of it will be put here tomorow... ;-)
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And I will happily collect it along with the others.  You do good work! :D
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Maybe it can be reduced... but that is up to the SeekHim... if she want that the quarters will be smaller.
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You're right, I guess it is a bit spacious. 
The Defiant's quarters were tiny and everyone bunked except the Captain. As I understood it that
was because the Defiant was 120 meters, had only 3 decks and was also very compact because of all
the weaponry.

The Saratoga's 180 m and has nine decks so its wider and taller. In addition it doesn't have all the weaponry
the Defiant had. So while this is spacious, it just might be able to make it.

GOD bless
John 3:16
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I like how it resembles Kirk's quarters in TMP and TWOK
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I was inspired with Spock's quarters in PC/PSX Game: Star Trek The Video Game
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That game isn't as bad as people say it is.
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