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I love that aweful tight low cut blouse! Her boobs do look bigger on these pics too!
Bobvan's avatar
Its all adjustable
wwfan's avatar
You adjusted them perfectly. They look much bigger. Hope Valerie gets caught again soon by a giant for closer examination.
I'd love to be a giant and peel that blouse off with a tweezers.
Bobvan's avatar
Im not going off script
wwfan's avatar
It was a nice thing to think about- Valerie getting captured.
I am sure she'll get caught in future pic stories you have.
Love all the pics as usual- you are a genius with poser.
Bobvan's avatar
Its not poser but same thimg
wwfan's avatar
You have a good point. Poser lets your imagination for the show go wild "so to speak".
I will have to wait and see what's next for Valerie-getting caught by a giant I hope.
Bobvan's avatar
Ha ha yes you will and your encouragement is appreciated and welcome since it is so scarce
Rainman1131's avatar
That is a craaaazy rug, daddy-o.

I think Mark should have whispered, "How about a little radio silence, dumbass!"

Man, I love that God awful plaid skirt!
Bobvan's avatar
LOL authentic outfit or close to it
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