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HEY GUYS it's been aaa loooong time since I've been around these parts but I thought I'd pop onto here and see if anyone around here is still active and would like to see me post more art on here?

I've mostly been active on Tumblr thus far but I'm becoming aware that a lot of my art that I put time and effort in gets completely swamped and pushed out of view by the amount of sketches I post on there so ...lol

Anyway, if you guys would like to see me bounce back here and start posting again let me know! I miss the friends I made over here ♥

Much love♥
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Do them awesome do dad does!!
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pounds fists on table



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Hey Medic! How've you been?

I'd love to see your art again.

While a lot of it is okay, I've found that a good portion of Tumblr is incredibly negative about everything, and because I'm so confrontational, I try to avoid it so I don't get into internet arguments. x__X
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I've been great!! Much better as of recent!! I missed you guys <33

I am super charmed you'd like to see my stuff around here again..
I've been wanted to come back and be active for a while but cross posting and catching up has been super hard to get onto X_X

Also I entirely agree...It's gotten super freakin' toxic lately and honestly makes me uncomfortable most of the time : (
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