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HEY GUYS it's been aaa loooong time since I've been around these parts but I thought I'd pop onto here and see if anyone around here is still active and would like to see me post more art on here?

I've mostly been active on Tumblr thus far but I'm becoming aware that a lot of my art that I put time and effort in gets completely swamped and pushed out of view by the amount of sketches I post on there so

Anyway, if you guys would like to see me bounce back here and start posting again let me know! I miss the friends I made over here ♥

Much love♥
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Only applicable to those following me on tumblr! Don't follow me? Well..this is a good chance to!

Boburto's art giveaway!
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Going to wipe that ugly journal off here even though the situation was never resolved..sigh...deviantart.

Anyway, curious if anyone on here was interested in my commission info! No I DO NOT take point commissions nor use Deviantart's 'commission app' but I do take commissions involving paypal! If anyone's interested, hit me up and I'll make a price chart for here. If not...I may still make one anyway, who knows? (I sure don't)

Regardless of what you think to the above, tell me how it's going! I want to interact more with people about (and people I haven't heard from in forever). Have a favorite game? Tell me! Let's the conversation! 'B)

Thanks! Xx
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I am a generally happy person but art theft makes me want to kill everything. Admitting you screwed up and apologizing is one thing but ignoring and hiding everything to do with it and then making up some excuses as to why you might not be so active is..just.. something else entirely.

Christ I'm tired. Why am I even awake.

Oh yeah..I got a job, that's a thing that happened.

I don't imagine I'll ever become too active on here again. The amount of art thieves on this site is just aggravating...though it is a good way to pass the time. That being said I probably won't be too active anywhere. I'm terrible with being 'active'. So there's that.

I also have a flight rising if anyone is like..interested..yeah

Tofu why did you have to bed so early look at me it's 1:30 and everything sucks how could you--

>I'm joking I should really get in bed.

>I got blocked and flagged as spam for trying to help out people a deviant user was trying to scam
>>Wondering if DA will do anything about it
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I have over 20,000 pageviews

Thanks for that! I totally forgot to do a kiriban, OH WELP.

...I suppose I should update this place somehow or another. But really..all I do now are doodles which you can just easily find in my art tag on tumblr soo...........

Maybe I'll do a sketch dump or some crap like that.

Oh hey, know what's freakin' cool that you should totally give a listen to and love the hell out of ? Welcome to Night Vale. Give it a listen, it's awesome. I love it to bits.

Oh and my great pal :icontofusaurbutt:'s birthday is three days so like go give em a shout out or something because wow, what an old fart. (I'm older) Yee.

Thanks fer stickin' around and stay awesome!
/'Burto out
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It is 1:40 A.M. and I am off to bed because wow I have to get up early for once.

Going to Anime Revolution starting tomorrow (for badge pickup) And shiz
It's going to be fun! (I doubt you will be there, amiright? I'm sad I won't be seeing you)

Anyway...if YOU are going to be there..I'll have stuff at a table.. somewhere in the Artist Alley. I honestly don't remember which number it was but it's somewhere out there.

I'll probably be tagging around with :icontofusaurbutt: whom I FINALLY completed their goddamn Sander Cohen mask...GODDAMn took forever. Might post pictures later...though it kinda sucks because of my unsteady hands 8'( thats an update. From me. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh and.. Have an awesome week/weekend!
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Hey guys I'm going to Anime Evolution now alright bye

Oh and, I guess...if you're intereeeeeested... I'll be at table 27. Yeah. With my sister :icongodspoison:.
We'll be selling new key chain designs and old including new borderlands sets, Hannibal, Supernatural, and Bioshock Infinite.

:iconkazzie: will be over at table 26 selling some super awesome sweet buttons you can view some samples here : + many more available at the con including some I have made and my good pally Tofusaur as well~
Tofu might also be at this table on Sunday so you know, go pester that dickwad.

So yeah. UBC  Vancouver, be there. (Except not if you don't want to or you know..if you don't live close..that's always a factor.)

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Alright, so I haven't updated my journal in a long time but I really wanted to put this out there,
my amazing sister :icongodspoison: is in need of emergency commissions to help pay for her bird, Yuko's vet bills. They are roughly costing around $600 and I would be extremely grateful if you would commission her or donate to Yuko's cause!

I may even take commissions to help him ;A;

Check out her journal : HERE

Excerpt from her journal

As some of you know I have a lovebird named Yuko, whom I adopted from :iconannubrius: over a year ago...the little bugger is now in the vets office getting blood work done because something is wrong.  His feathers are marbled black and he's continually plucked his rear clean..

I can't do payment plans at this particular vet and I've already got a large debt on my hands.  The vet bill has totaled about $600 now and I really need help to pay it off..especially if this turns out to be a permanent illness that I will have to continue treating for the rest of his life..

So I'm offering emergency commissions;……………

I'm offering traditional sketches of the following;

Torso - $10
Full Body - $20
Character Sketch Page (Includes full body and three expressions) - $30

**All sketches are guaranteed to be done in 24hrs (IN ORDER if you are second in line it will be 48hrs.  I need a day for each full sketch! Torsos take much less time!)

Shipping for all items will be $2

I will also offer full digital commissions for


I'm also going to offer chibis (that can be laminate and made in to keychains if desired)

Like this…

Chibi $5
Keychains $7

Help her please! you can contact or donate to her at or you can note her on her deviantart Godspoison or her tumblr


Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 2:22 PM
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Happy Birthday DeviantArt! \o/ Going to make use of this single day of premium membership...

Uh... My Birthday has come and passed, Thanks to everyone who bid me a happy birthday! It was nice, too bad TofusaurButt wasn't around so I didn't actually do anything that day.
I really want to draw people things but I am super lazy so poop.. I feel bad...hum...
Happy Birthday Hedgehogyawn! It was July 26th but still..........

Local Vancouver Anime Convention is coming up on the 17th<Anime Revolution>! And then another on the 24th<Cos & Effect>! I will be attending both with my sister and TofusaurButt if you are in the area......Super excited to get commissions and crud.

I went to the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade on Sunday *U* Literally the best Parade, all the floats were gorgeous and hnggg....I can't quite say what my favorite part was but the married Bert and Ernie was pretty flipping awesome! Hedgehogyawn Received copious  amounts of Lube samples and Condoms......which is rather.... questioning.

Hum...what else... yah..perhaps will update this journal later!
Carry on, thanks for reading!

.:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo

You Look Lovely Tonight by Cpaek Sander Cohen by b-dangerous

I don't know what I expected...

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 27, 2012, 12:38 PM
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Meet the Pyro

So...just thought I'd say that since my subscription is going to run out today. UvU

Convention stuff:

If you are in the British Columbia/Vancouver area this summer, TofusaurButt and I will be selling art at both Anime Revolution and Cos & Effect! Though we probably won't actually be around the tables too often, my sister will be the one hanging around selling art at the table.
Will be selling old keychains as well as new ones such as AC, TF2, Sherlock and Bioshock...TofusaurButt did some pretty gorgeous Avengers ones too ;)

And anyone interested in FOR SCIENCE by Boburto , I will probably be selling a touched up version of it there too......

In the mean while, I have some time left to do a couple of prints so any suggestions are quite welcome! ♥

.:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo

Inactiveness, requests, and kiriban

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 3, 2012, 7:24 PM
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These days..what have I been up to... Pretty much just constantly re-watching supernatural  here! One round with TofusaurButt and another with Hedgehogyawn...xboxing a lot too...even reading, believe it or not. Pretty much anything to avoid doing actual art. My bad!

The holidays were swell despite me knowing what I would be getting for Christmas! I do so hope you all had Happy Holidays and a good new year~ I sure did despite lack of friend contact. We need to see each other more guys.
I miss hearing from you all, irl and online, so please don't hesitate to talk to me more okay?

Regarding art.......
Welp I have been terribly inactive both here and on my tumblr...which is rather surprising....and well I would like to apologize for this.
Thing is, I haven't had much inspiration floatin' about. I notice I seem to have less inspiration when I don't have a huge workload on my shoulders...I need more work!...and I am honestly frightened to even bother trying to take commissions...well unless someone shows interest.

SO......... I am going to open up five sketch request slots here. Just post a comment with a picture reference and I will try my hand on some quick requests.

Request slots:
1. TofusaurButt + dermina -Atlas
2.Lativer -  Klaus
3.little-miss-boredom - Tarol

I also want to thank you guys for helping me reach over 14 k page views. That is..well.. a huge feat for me! THANK YOU♥♥
I will have a Kiriban when I reach 15,000 page views so keep an eye out.

Also if I promised you work...I promised you work so I owe you one! TELL ME PLEASE. I am forgetful! .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo A lot of things weigh on my mind, please do not feel insulted if I forgot an art trade or something alike..I just need a friendly reminder, thank you!♥

P.S. @ TOFU:

Portaling on through

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 5, 2011, 6:11 PM
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Hello everyone~! Writing this journal to get the last one off my page.

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response from my two portal-medic pictures
Science is fun by Boburto and FOR SCIENCE by Boburto
...I never expected it.

I wish I could thank you all individually for the :+fav:s and what not, but there is no way I could get through all of those.

For those of you that don't have tumblr, Science is fun by Boburto  actually went through a lot..and...well it was rather mental and exhausting.
Here are a few of his adventures:

It was a lovely day.

At this point I have pretty much narrowed off my to do list aside from an art work I promised to chainedsinner which I have decided to start a new. Thank you for your patience, hun. I will try to get it done as soon as possible.

Though I do still owe The-Orange-Cup a picture of Doctor and Prowler from Ac: Brohood....I know she is fairly willing to wait for it if I make it amazing. C:

I..want to be more active on here but I am afraid I am gradually becoming more active on my tumblr.
In fact I expect to make an asktheblumedic within the next week or so.
So please if you have a tumblr and an interest in seeing more of my art, pop over to

On another note...I removed my chibis from if you are interested in old anime chibis, you may like to pop over there. However, I, myself, would never dare go into my own chibi section. It's literally quite terrifying.

In real life, I plan on going to two  Vancouver conventions in the upcoming year.
A curious question...If I were to get an art table, do you think I would make any profit..?
Or rather, If I got an art table...what sort of images would you think would sell?

......Just wondering since I kind of want to pull TofusaurButt's leg into getting a table with me at one of the conventions.

Back to cleaning....

More features?

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 21, 2011, 12:50 AM
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Post the image/work you are most proud of and I will feature it in this journal.
Let's make use of this horrible subscription that devil of a sniper gave me. I'm joking babbu ily.

But in all seriousness, post any work you want featured in the comments and I will feature it here.

Anorik by The-Orange-Cup

Click for the video
Oh Hello evil Wheatles by TofusaurButt
Sharing by chainedsinner
Medic VS Spider by Hedgehogyawn

To do list
:iconchainedsinner:'s picture which includes Franqois, Adrien and Tate, and also Kyle. <50%-inked and in colour process >
:iconmetalic-devil:'s Silent hill Oc in a silent hillish enviroment <25%-sketch done>
:iconms-ashri:'s medic OC Hilderich   <DONE>
:icontofusaurbutt:'s kiriban featuring demented humanized!Party Escort and their humanized!P-body  
:iconthe-orange-cup:'s request with Prowler + Dottore
Double memes with Chibi-15 and chainedsinner <100% done my halves>
Fact with a top hat. Eff yes. for Cathat10

What else...

100 followers on tumblr image. <sketched>
Humanized!Fact sphere ref. <DONE>
Humanized!Logic + Party Associate <20%>
Tf2 Oc refs


Journal Entry: Tue Aug 16, 2011, 4:41 PM
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I didn't want to have to get rid of my journal skin and features from my front page but...

Cos & Effect was amazing.

I was one of those lame kids who didn't go in costume but hung around The-Orange-Cup who totally cosplayed herself, TofusaurButt who cosplayed sniper and Hedgehogyawn who cosplayed a guitar engie~

It was grand. So very.

Among many we met Winged-Moon and chief-ren who are both very awesome people! Holy crap they were so nice and we hung around them for a good portion of our stay. Winged-Moon is probably the sweetest little medic ever and chief-ren the most spectacular Scout/heavy out there.
Also dispenser Engie, super-squid-girl was bloody Epic.

Along with that, I got....three commissions and a sketchbook collection from :iconjakface: I wish I could scan the commissions for you all but my scanner doesn't work with my new computer....Maybe I will take some pictures of them with my camera. She drew me my Medic OC, Heinrich, my Spy Oc, D'anton Faust, and a gorgeous headshot of my humanized Rick the ADVENTURE SPHERE.

I have never had so much fun at a convention, mind you I have been to more organized ones but this one- It was just so bloody amazing for the people we met and saw...Cos + Effect was brilliant.

Next year I fricken hope I can get a BLU medic cosplay and/or Rick the adventure sphere.

Now to decorate my room with jakface's art.

My face when one of my favorite artists watch me back... :faint:

To do list
:iconchainedsinner:'s picture which includes Franqois, Adrien and Tate, and also Kyle.
:iconmetalic-devil:'s Silent hill Oc in a silent hillish enviroment
:iconms-ashri:'s medic OC Hilderich
:icontofusaurbutt:'s kiriban featuring demented humanized!Party Escort and their humanized!P-body
:iconthe-orange-cup:'s request with Prowler + Dottore
Double memes with Chibi-15 and chainedsinner
Fact with a top hat. Eff yes. for Cathat10

What else...
Refs of my TF2 Ocs
RED + BLU Oc posters
Humanized!Portal 2 gang poster
Assassins creed stuff
Shaun Hastings poster for myself
more assassins creed stuff
100 followers on tumblr image.
and stuff.

........I want to open point commissions but looking at my list I am suddenly unsure. More unsure when it comes to...will people commission me?

Features + Kiriban caught

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 4, 2011, 9:55 PM
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  • Drinking: water

EDIT: A new kiriban is fast approaching at 11,111 ♥ Thought I would give you a heads up since I will draw anything you want if you catch it. Except a few certain things.

Just cause. by TofusaurButt Yousosillylove♥

Yes- This is one of those journals

Be one of the first ten people to comment and I will go through your gallery and feature three of your deviations in this journal. No, you don't have to feature me or even do this in your own journal.
So if you want your art on display for others to see, please drop me a comment on this journal. Also, if you want specific pieces features, drop that in your comment as well. ♥

Figured I'd do this since my subscription expires in a week.

1 -:iconthe-orange-cup:
Anorik by The-Orange-Cup Kiriban - Shaun by The-Orange-Cup Fox by The-Orange-Cup
2 -:iconthyliritis:
Amnesia:  Instructing by Thyliritis Portal: Corrupt by Thyliritis Sharks by Thyliritis
3 -:iconhana-bakemono:
:thumb185174250: Spycrab Puppet 1 by Hana-Bakemono Request: Make Medic Smile"Yo, Snipes?"
"You ever see Medic laugh before?" Sniper thought this over then gave Scout a look. "And I don't mean like… ya know, after he kills someone and shit but like… ya know, like a happy kinda laugh, ya know?"
"I… uh… I don't think so…" the Australian answered truthfully. Every time he's seen Medic off the battlefield, he always had a frown on his face. He did seem to be very depressed, that was for sure. "Well, ya can't blame him I mean… ya heard about… what happened right?" He loomed over sound and grinned evilly. "He used to work in a laboratory where he made monstrous creatures that escaped after killing everyone in the lab and now live in the sewers and eat-."
"Dude, shut the fuck up!" Scout screamed and shoved him hard. "I mean it, the frowning and looking like he has a fucking stick up his ass… kinda freaking me out!" The Australian had to agree, nothing really could make the Medic smile for real. "Hey… ya thinking what

4 -:iconhedgehogyawn:
He's a Nick Nack by Hedgehogyawn Rick the Adventure Plush by Hedgehogyawn I don't even know... by Hedgehogyawn
5 - :icond34thmonk3y:
Portal Corrupt Core Hats by D34thMonk3y SPAAACE -Finished- by D34thMonk3y Lost in Space by D34thMonk3y
6 -:iconcathat10:
Dragon Hat Finished by Cathat10 VCR Neon by Cathat10 Chibi Pyromancer Pyro by Cathat10
7 -:iconaoi-rinku:

8 -:iconboomforyou:
Snorlax by BoomForYou:thumb194972062: Wobbuffet avatar by BoomForYou
9 -:iconchibi-15:
Laplines: My little tiny dump by Chibi-15 L4D2: Ellis and his Gnome by Chibi-15 TF2OC: GENTALFISH by Chibi-15
10 -:iconjynxyfox:
Rick KNOWS by JynxyFox Noob Senses.... by JynxyFox Yoroichi by JynxyFox

Also Fckyeah Cos & Effect in 9 days.  I am excite.

Everyone just let me hug you, okay?


Journal Entry: Sun Jul 31, 2011, 11:58 PM
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I'm going to say it right now, the Vancouver Pride Parade was amazing, and, probably one of the most amazing events I have attended -no joke.  

Thank you so much Hedgehogyawn for  taking telling me about it ♥♥ Hnnngh it was amazing.

Everyone was just so happy and lively ;~; There were a few disturbing moments for me but that's just me

I seriously wish I could just go again, this time without the people shouting, trying to get attention and free stuff from the parade.

I am me and I am proud

What a great saying to live by, Happy Pride day!

On a different note- Look at this gorgeous beaut!
D'anton Faust by chainedsinner
chainedsinner drew my spy, D'anton Faust and oh my gosh- I cannot convey my love for it ;~; If you are reading this, chainedsinner I love you, okay? okay. Snipah don't kill me I am totally going to try and draw you something amazing.

Thanks for reading as always! Remember to remind me if I owe you something!!! ♥

Owing art? Also happiness

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2011, 3:16 PM
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  • Reading: DA comments
  • Playing: Fallout 3
  • Eating: soyogourt
  • Drinking: soy milk

I'm still sorting a few things out, my parents have gone on vacation with my little brother so I am virtually home alone and can finally work diligently without interruption.

SO. What I need from you guys is....erm...Do I owe any of you anything? I lost my list and am currently just finishing some WIPs


.:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo

As far as I know I owe a work to
:icongodspoison:(Silent hill picture),
:iconchibi-15:(Actually I don't necessarily owe her so much as I am just drawing her characters for fun 8D) ,
:iconthe-orange-cup: (Prowler Vs Dottore ),
:iconchainedsinner:(one of her Ocs?),
TF2 AWKWARD Icons for :iconreneki:, :iconthe-orange-cup:, :icontofusaurbutt:, :iconhedgehogyawn: and for myself. :]

In other news...
Today I have an unexplainable happiness in my gut.
I genuinely feel really happy and there is just no way I can express it. I haven't truly done anything today or seen anyone except for a sweet old lady named Annie who I helped with her mail (she received a rather hefty package and I happened to be getting the mail at the same time)
Meeting people who don't stereotype you into the rowdy teenager group and who treat you as any other just makes me feel the warmest. Thank you miss. ♥

Also, when did I get 145 watchers?! You people are MAD!... But no, seriously, I love all you guys and your support. You're the reason I keep drawing!

TF2: Song by Lieutenant-Waffles Rick KNOWS by JynxyFox:thumb217086869: Gnight Crikey by TofusaurButt Toothless Plush by Hedgehogyawn Care to have a drink with me? by The-Orange-Cup TF2OC: Right Behind You by Chibi-15


The Kiriban Medic Hawk by Hedgehogyawn

Tag and burfday stuff

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 15, 2011, 8:28 PM
  • Listening to: A little Heart to Heart -Valve studio Orchestra
  • Watching: Danny Wallace's How to start your own country
  • Playing: Ass creed II
  • Eating: perogies
  • Drinking: soy milk

I wanna Thank all you guys who took the time to wish me a happy birthday on the 12th, I did have a lovely day, getting to see my friends and what not.

I thought I would use this to erm. Show case some bloody amazing stuff I received for my birthday from some fellow deviants on here.

Rick the Adventure Plush by Hedgehogyawn Oh Rick, you and your permanent bedroom eyes, 8D

Happy Birthday Boburto by TofusaurButt A gorgeous pic of my old earth naga Oc Kage♥♥ My my Kage how you have grown so handsome over the years.

   Also by TofusaurButt. Und I am looking so fine!

I also got a Das Beer Boot as seen in…
Bloody amazing, just bloody amazing.

It was a great time! ...And now...I am eighteen..... I feel so old.


Friggin :iconhedgehogyawn: Tagged me. You jerk.

The Rules:

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3) You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4) Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5) No tag backs.
6) Tag only a few if you don't have enough friends.

I'm sayin' it now. I ain't tagging anyone so don't worry if you are reading it.

Shet about me:

1) It's summer but I miss high school.
2) My favorite food ever has to be perogies.
3) I am EFFING TERRIFIED but also INTRIGUED by eyes. It's a love hate relationship. HOWEVER. I HATE HATE HATE FEET. I don't know why but...just seeing feet can make my skin crawl.
4) I used to love collecting little anime Nick knacks but no I look at them and think to myself..."Why the hell did I get these?"
5) I grew up with Transformers, Dragon Ball Z, Half Life and Duke Nukem (Among other things)  but I blame these things for how I am today.
6) No actually I blame Hedgehogyawn, TofusaurButt, Reneki The-Orange-Cup, weee-love2278 and PrimxRose for how I am today. You all suck....You sick minded freaks! ...No I'm joking ♥
7) I am F**king Blu :icondealwithittrollplz:
8) I don't name half my Ocs- In fact, I don't even remember half of them due to having millions of the darn things.
9) I have a wall dedicated to :icondeerlordhunter: and :iconsambees: I AM SO NERDY BUT THEIR ART IS TO DIE FOR.
10) Team Fortress 2 changed me for the better art wise and personality wise. It also brought me to meet so many amazing people. Don't be hatin' !

UM YAH. Have a lovely day.


Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2011, 8:41 PM
  • Listening to: Medic's maniacle laugh. Always.
  • Watching: Meet the Medic
  • Playing: Ass creed II

A few things I want to cover in this journal--

Yes. That's right. Brace yourselves everyone. This one- this one right here? Yah. I'm turning 18...

And Boy..Does that unlock a lot of options for me. :iconstudmuffinplz:

I feel so old all of the sudden guys! What Do!

I want to draw a nice picture for my own birthday. PRESENT TO MYSELF. SOMETHING FOR MY NEW ROOM but I kind of have no ideas on what to do.

What a loser I am- making birthday presents for myself.

To those of you visiting on my birthday:
PLEASE DO COME ON AND TALK TO ME. I need to know when you are coming or what ever because I have a doctors appointment that day as well.

Everyone from Highschool, particularly Reneki : I really super duper miss you guys and want to see you again, I worry about all of your guy's well being every day. I miss you tons. Looking at my wall and seeing my grad tassel hanging makes me miss you guys infinetly times more.

All of my lovely watchers : I always love to hear your guy's opinions- IS my gallery lacking in some aspect, is there something you would like to see more of ? Are there any minor requests ? I won't be opening up the same sort of requests I was doing before just minor suggestions that I may or may not do
I really thank you all for the support! I've been on here for four years, accumulated above 10K pageviews and 130 watchers. I am infinitely flattered.

ANOTHER NOTE: Is anyone going to COS & EFFECT  ?  I most likely will be going and I want to know who else may be~!