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Hello, Everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that I'm back from my big trip! And I'd like to give a huge thank-you to my friend :iconpoolshostage:, who sorted ALL of the Comic Book Clan deviations and ran a really cool contest all by himself while I was gone. So thank you, Jack. That would have been a ton of work for me to do and that was really a great thing you did. :)

Well, as always, more Cubees to do! Here's the list...


Azreal (DC Comics, Knightfall) (Imitation Costume)

Robin (All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder) (For :iconblondepup:)

Iron Man (Mark IV) (Movie) (Marvel Comics) (For :iconironfan075:)

John Henry (John Wilson) (DC Comics) (DC: The New Frontier)

Pepper Pots (Marvel Comics) (For :iconironfan075:)

John Ryker (Created by :iconrhd123:)

Future Black Panther (Marvel Comics) (:iconkittyotic:'s Redesign)

Red Hood (DC Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Joker (DC Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Yellow Claw (Marvel Comics)

Hybrid (Marvel Comics)

Lasher (Marvel Comics)

Spider-Man Unlimited (TV Series) (Marvel Comics) (For :icongokaired51:)

Riot (Marvel Comics)

Scream (Marvel Comics)

Venom The Symbiote (Marvel Comics)

Tarantula (Marvel Comics)

Swarm (Marvel Comics)

Beetle (Marvel Comics)

Captain Negative (Created and Requested by :iconjupiter1996:)

Gunslinger (Created by :icondaisyofthenight:)

T-Ray (Marvel Comics)

Doctor Optimism (Created and Requested by :iconjupiter1996:)

Deadpool (Marvel Comics) (Ultimates Universe)

Negamus (Created and Requested by :iconjupiter1996:)

Positron (Created and Requested by :iconjupiter1996:)

Batman (DC Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns:)

Captain America (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns:)

Mary Jane Watson-Parker (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns:)

Deadpool (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns:)

Iron Fist (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns:)

Misty Knight (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns:)

Power Man (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns:)

The Punisher (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns:)

Wolverine (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns:)

Paper Pezzy-My Spawn Minecraft Skin (Image) (Requested by :iconcyberdrone:)

Sasquatch Gunslinger (Created by :iconreyalicea:)

Fantomex (Marvel Comics)

Urban Ninja (Created by :iconfastfood:)

Zitz (Battletoads) (Requested by :iconcrownchkalovsk:)

Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Comics)

Firefly (DC Comics) (:icongigglewhatsit:'s Redesign)

Batman (DC Comics) (:icongigglewhatsit:'s Redesign)

Scarecrow (DC Comics) (:icongigglewhatsit:'s Redesign)

Splendor (Created by :iconsplendorent:)

Power Girl (DC Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesign)

Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Shazam (DC Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Thor (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Hulk (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Iron Man (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Hawkeye (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Power Girl (DC Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Blade (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesign)

Deadpool (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesign)

Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesigns)

Power Man (Marvel Comics) (:iconsplendorent:'s Redesign)

Scarlet Spider (Modern Marvel Comics)

Solstice (Created and requested by :iconxrishdzopvi:)

Red Fang Ninja (GI Joe)

Batman (:icondarcat1530: Style) (Requested by :icondarcat1530:)

The Beatles' Yellow Submarine (For :iconbeatlesbug:)

Gundam Wing (For :iconcrownchkalovsk:)

Ultron (Marvel Comics)

Bane (DC Comics) (Tom Hardy)

Iron Man 2.0 (Marvel Comics)

Shadowhawk (Image Comics)

Spawn (Movie) (Image Comics)

Badger (Capital Comics)

Armageddon (Marvel Comics)

Batman (Christian Bale)

Maniac (Created and requested by :iconjixs:)

Reign Soldier (Spider-Man: Reign)

Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Reign)

Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Reign) (Symbiote Costume)

Superman (What if Stan Lee Created Superman)

Batman (What if Stan Lee Created Batman)

Wonder Woman (What if Stan Lee Created Wonder Woman)

Beachhead (:iconpoolshostage:'s redesign) (GI Joe)

Scarlett (:iconpoolshostage:'s redesign) (GI Joe)

Baroness (:iconpoolshostage:'s redesign) (GI Joe)

Roadblock (:iconpoolshostage:'s redesign) (GI Joe)

Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat)

The Phantom (:iconjixs:'s redesign) (Dynamite Entertainment)

Zartan (GI Joe) (For :iconlovefistfury:)

Death (Darksiders) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Judge Dredd (For :iconsurftiki:)

Garrison (Battle Chasers) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Snake Eyes (GI Joe: Resolute)

Eagle (Street Fighter) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Tintin (Trenchcoat) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Gimli (Lord of the Rings) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Smeagol (Lord of the Rings) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)

Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings)

Audie Murphy (For :iconsurftiki:)

Popeye (For :iconsurftiki:)

Felix the Cat (With Bag) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Superman (First Appearance) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Little Nemo in Slumberland (For :iconsurftiki:)

Erik the Red (For :iconsurftiki:)

George Washington (War General Uniform) (For :iconsurftiki:)

William the Conqueror (For :iconsurftiki:)

Teddy Roosevelt (Black Suit) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Samurai Warrior (For :iconsurftiki:)

Kurt (MDK) (For :iconsurftiki:)

William "B.J." Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Gully (Battle Chasers) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Guts (Berserk) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Calibretto (Battle Chasers) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Knolan (Battle Chasers) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Red Monika (Battle Chasers) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Hero Bear (For :iconsurftiki:)

Wolverine (Eye patch) (For :iconsurftiki:)

War (Darksiders) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Scythe (DC Comics)

Azazel (Marvel Comics)

The Creeper (DC Comics)

Dark Claw (Amalgam Comics)

Grand Slam (For :iconaim11:)

Raindance (For :iconaim11:)

Dial (For :iconaim11:)

Saur (For :iconaim11:)

Graphy (For :iconaim11:)

Noise (For :iconaim11:)

Omega Supreme (For :iconaim11:)

Optimus Prime (Dinobots) (For :iconaim11:)

The Matrix (Transformers) (Papercraft/Cubee) (For :iconaim11:)

Hydra Bob (Deadpool)

Prometheus (DC Comics)

Ghost Rider (Movie)

The Flash (Wally West) (DC Comics) (For :icontysirr:)

Deadpool (Pirate) (Marvel Comics)

Hydra Soldier (Marvel Comics)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (Marvel Comics)

Evil Deadpool (Marvel Comics)

Batpool (Amalgam)

The Cisco Kid

Magnus Robot Fighter (Gold Key) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Psylocke (Marvel Comics) (For :iconsurftiki:)

Mr. Negative (Marvel Comics)

Hammerhead (Spider-Man)

Silent Knight

Beta Ray Bill

Blackout (Transformers)

Glasyolabalas (Batman)

Doctor Death (Batman) (DC Comics)

Doctor Death (Batman) (Burned Face) (DC Comics)

Duke Agares (Batman) (DC Comics)

President Buer (Batman) (DC Comics)

President Barbas (Batman) (DC Comics)

Duke Eligos (Batman) (DC Comics)

Marquis Forneus (Batman) (DC Comics)

Duke Bune (Batman) (DC Comics)

King Balam (Batman) (DC Comics)

Count Ronove (Batman) (DC Comics)

Sir Furcas (Batman) (DC Comics)

Marquis Andrealphas (Batman) (DC Comics)

Prince Sitri (Batman) (DC Comics)

President Caim (Batman) (DC Comics)

Duke Murmer (Batman) (DC Comics)

Duke Gremory (Batman) (DC Comics)

Hugo Strange's Man Monsters (Batman) (DC Comics)

Red Secret (Cartoon Style) Created by :iconandrewsap:)

The Spectre (Crispus Allen) (DC Comics)

Major Victory (Marvel Comics)

Trapster (Marvel Comics)

Arcade (Marvel Comics)

Maximus' Minions (Marvel Comics)

Terrax (Marvel Comics)

Karnak (Marvel Comics)

Plasma (Marvel Comics)

Gorgon (Marvel Comics)

Triton (Marvel Comics)

Crystal (Marvel Comics)

Alpha-Primitives (Marvel Comics)

Maximus (Marvel Comics)

Firelord (Marvel Comics)

Jigsaw (Marvel Comics)

The Living Monolith (Marvel Comics)

Mr. Fear (Marvel Comics)

Bastion (Marvel Comics)

Caliban (Marvel Comics)

Chance (Nicholas Powell) (Marvel Comics)

US Agent (Marvel Comics)

Balor (Marvel Comics)

The Rev (Marvel Comics)

Maggot (Marvel Comics)

Doop (Marvel Comics)

Fogg (Marvel Comics)

Mr. Jip (Marvel Comics)

Mimic (Marvel Comics)

Terminizer (Marvel Comics)

Black Knight (Marvel Comics)

Modular Man (Marvel Comics)

Killer Shrike (Marvel Comics)

General Ryker (Marvel Comics)

Psycho Man (Marvel Comics)

Groo (Marvel Comics)

Taserface (Marvel Comics)

Stellaris (Marvel Comics)

Orphan Maker (Marvel Comics)

Orka (Marvel Comics)

Calypso (Marvel Comics)

Nanny (Marvel Comics)

Maggia (Marvel Comics)

Madame Hydra (Marvel Comics)

Genetech (Marvel Comics)

Crossbones (Marvel Comics)

Crimson (Marvel Comics)

She Hulk (Civilain Clothes) (Marvel Comics)

Batman (Batman Incorporated) (DC Comics)

Dr. Hurt (Batman) (DC Comics)

Professor Pyg (Batman) (DC Comics)

Brimstone (DC Comics) (DC Comics)

Batman (Dick Grayson) (DC Comics)

Green Goblin with Flying Board (movie version)

Deadpool (Weapon XI, X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

Deadpool (Fully Loaded)

Night Scar (Created and requested by :iconrblizzo:)

Captain Britain (New Marvel Comics)

GI Robot Batman (DC Comics)

GI Robot Robin (DC Comics)

Dark Hawkeye (Marvel Comics)

Hawkeye (Modern) (Marvel Comics)

Vin Diesel (For :iconshh-gonnadrawnow:)

Papa Smurf (Mustache) (for :icontikarp:)

Smurfette (for :icontikarp:)

Wild Smurf (for :icontikarp:)

Baby Smurf (for :icontikarp:)

Deadpool (As Captain America) (Marvel Comics)

Captain America (Heroic Age) (Marvel Comics)

Prowler (Marvel Comics)

Spider-Man (Fantastic Four) (Marvel Comics)

Spider Red (Created by :iconheavyspiderred:)

Lisa Jones (Created and Requested by :iconthesirknite:)

Vision (Marvel Comics)

Nebulon (Marvel Comics)

Gargoyle (Marvel Comics)

Valkyrie (Marvel Comics)

Pygmy (Pocket God)

Paul (Movie)

Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)

Scarebeast (DC Comics)

Savage Dragon (Image Comics) (Police uniform)

Spider-Man (Marvel Zombies)

The Hulk (Marvel Zombies)

Daredevil (Marvel Zombies)

Wolverine (Marvel Zombies)

Captain America (Marvel Zombies)

Deadpool (Marvel Zombies)

Iron Man (Marvel Zombies)

Mr. Fantastic (Marvel Zombies)

The Thing (Marvel Zombies)

The Human Torch (Marvel Zombies)

The Invisible Woman (Marvel Zombies)

Hawkeye (Marvel Zombies)

Storm (Marvel Zombies)

Luke Cage (Marvel Zombies)

Iron Fist (Marvel Zombies)

Yellowjacket (Marvel Zombies)

Symbiote Spider-Man (Marvel Zombies)

Black Panther (Marvel Zombies)

Captain Britain (Marvel Zombies)

Cyclops (Marvel Zombies)

Iceman (Marvel Zombies)

Earl (Mutts)

Puss in Boots (Shrek)

Puss in Boots (Cute Eyes Version)

Mooch (Mutts)

Black Bolt

Nightcrawler (X-Men Movies) (Marvel Comics)

Onslaught (Marvel Comics)

Phantom Rider (Marvel Comics)

Annihilus (Marvel Comics)

Agent Zero (Marvel Comics)

Prowler (Marvel Comics)

Master Pandemonium (Marvel Comics)

Shadowhawk (Image Comics)

Belle (Beauty and the Beast) for :iconitaliangirl04:

The Beast (Beauty and the Beast) for :iconitaliangirl04:

Minnie Mouse for :iconitaliangirl04:

Baron Zemo (Marvel Comics)

Air Assault Drone (Iron Man 2) (Marvel Comics)

Warpath (X-Force) (Marvel Comics)

Wolverine (X-Force) (Marvel Comics)

Heavy Duty (GI Joe)

Charbroil (GI Joe)

Scarlett (GI Joe)

Roadblock (GI Joe)

Hawk (GI Joe)

Flint (GI Joe)

Firefly (GI Joe)

Sergeant Stalker (GI Joe)

Beachhead (GI Joe)

Murder Machine (Marvel Comics)

Supernalia (Marvel Comics)

Weapon Assault Drone (Iron Man 2) (Marvel Comics)

Misty Knight (Marvel Comics)

Red Guardian (Marvel Comics)

Colleen Wing (Marvel Comics)

Paladin (Thunderbolts) (Marvel Comics)

Moonstone (Marvel Comics)

Ghost (Thunderbolts, Marvel Comics)

Tyrak (Marvel Comics)

Mr. Hyde (Marvel Comics)

Black Widow with mask on (Thunderbolts, Marvel Comics)

Ant Man (Thunderbolts, Marvel Comics)

Penance (Robby Baldwin)


Arkham Asylum Bane (for :iconkidsleykreations:)

Ronin (Marvel Comics)

Whirlwind (Marvel Comics)

Lucius Fox (DC Comics)

Equus (Superman: For Tomorrow) (DC Comics)

Enigma (Riddler's daughter) (DC Comics)

Tasmanian Devil (DC Comics)

Darkhawk (Marvel Comics)

Lodestone (Marvel Comics)

Tombstone (Marvel Comics)

Maverick (Marvel Comics)

Midnight's Fire (Marvel Comics)

Immortus (Marvel Comics)

Ka-Zar (Marvel Comics)

Zod (Superman: For Tomorrow)

DC Reboot Spore

DC Reboot Superman

DC Reboot Wonder Woman

DC Reboot Turbine

DC Reboot The Flash

DC Reboot Green Lantern

DC Reboot Aquaman

DC Reboot Shazam

DC Reboot Saiko

DC Reboot Cyborg

DC Reboot Huntress

DC Reboot The Talon

DC Reboot Parademon

DC Reboot Etrigan (Armored)

DC Reboot Superboy

DC Reboot Animal Man

DC Reboot Resurrection Man

DC Reboot Batgirl

DC Reboot Batwing

DC Reboot Batwoman

DC Reboot Thomas Wayne Jr. (Lincoln March) (Armored)

DC Reboot The Joker

DC Reboot Green Arrow

DC Reboot Hawk

DC Reboot Dove

DC Reboot Joseph Rock

DC Reboot O.M.A.C.

DC Reboot Static Shock

DC Reboot Apollo

DC Reboot Midnighter

DC Reboot Batbot

DC Reboot Martian Manhunter

DC Reboot Deathstroke

DC Reboot Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

DC Reboot Grifter

DC Reboot Mr. Terrific

DC Reboot Blackhawk (Andrew Lincoln)

DC Reboot Lady Blackhawk

DC Reboot Firestorm (Jason)

DC Reboot Firestorm (Ronnie)

DC Reboot Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

DC Reboot Hawkman

DC Reboot Red Robin

DC Reboot Kid Flash

DC Reboot Wonder Girl

DC Reboot Voodoo

DC Reboot Darkseid

DC Reboot Batman (Earth Two)

DC Reboot Deadshot

Deadshot (Without white night vision lens, only scope) (DC Comics)

Iron Man 2020

Big Shot (Death's Head)

Sergeant Rock (DC Comics)

Binky (Matt Groening's Life in Hell)

Bongo (Matt Groening's Life in Hell)

Sheba (Matt Groening's Life in Hell)

Vigilante I

Maxwell Lord

Shocker (Spider Man)

Duke (GI Joe)

Duke (Movie version) (GI Joe)



Composite Superman

Dick Grayson

Tim Drake

Clark Kent

Human Torch (first appearance)

Joe Smith (Spider Man)

Gwen Stacy (Spider Man)

Titanium Man (Iron Man)

Bloodshot (Valiant Comics)

Solar: Man of the Atom (Valiant Comics)

X-O Manowar (Valiant Comics)

Baphomet (DC Comics)

Onomatopoeia (DC Comics)

Deadpool (As the Meat) (Marvel Comics)

Daredevil (Shadowland) (Marvel Comics)

Frogman (DC Comics)

Simon Dark (DC Comics)

Orpheus (DC Comics)

Lynx (DC Comics)

Black Bat (DC Comics)

Deadshot (DC Comics) (Batman: Arkham City)

Night-Runner (DC Comics)

Spider-Man (Street Costume) (The Amazing Spider-Man) (Marvel Comics)

Special thanks to  :iconlarsonjamesart: for a lot of suggestions. Check out his gallery! Plus, more sketches and other art I will do:

Batman (DC Comics) and Iron Man (Marvel Comics)

X-Force (Marvel Comics)

DC Reboot Bat-Family (DC Comics)

DC Reboot Superman (DC Comics)

Watercolor version of (For :iconskullsketcher:)

The Question (Vic Sage) (DC Comics)


Superman (DC Comics)

The Silent Knight (DC Comics)

Batman (DC Comics) and the Punisher (Marvel Comics)

Batman (DC Comics) and Moon Knight (Marvel Comics)

Iron Man and War Machine (Marvel Comics)

Penance (Marvel Comics) and Jason Todd (DC Comics)

Batman (DC Comics) and Spawn (Image Comics)

Wolverine (Marvel Comics)

Wolverine (Shirt and Jeans) (Marvel Comics)

Black Mask (DC Comics) and Red Skull (Marvel Comics)

Joker Fighting Batman (Tribute to the amazing Jerry Robinson, may he rest in peace) (DC Comics)

Optimus Prime (Transformers) Fighting Galactus (Marvel Comics)

Red Secret Redesign (For :iconandrewsap:)

DC's Trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) if Stan Lee had created them

Doctor Octopus (Marvel Comics) and Hugo Strange (DC Comics)

Lex Luthor (DC Comics) and Kingpin (Marvel Comics)

Lex Luthor (DC Comics) and Norman Osborn (Marvel Comics)

The Joker (DC Comics) and Green Goblin (Marvel Comics)

The Anti-Monitor (DC Comics) and Galactus (Marvel Comics)

Batman (DC Comics) vs Dracula

Batman and Robin (For :icondamzo:) (DC Comics)

A Pirate (For :iconrelberg:)

Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) and Flash (Wally West) (DC Comics)

Cobra Commander (GI Joe)

Killer Croc (DC Comics) and Lizard (Marvel Comics)

Vision (Marvel Comics) and Martian Manhunter (DC Comics)

Vision (Marvel Comics) and Red Tornado (DC Comics)

Beast (Marvel Comics) vs Killer Croc (DC Comics)

Megatron and Starscream (Transformers)

Dracula (For :icondoctordid:)

The Golem

Shockwave (Transformers)

Green Hornet and Kato (Dynamite Entertainment)

The Spectre (DC Comics)

Ghost Rider (Marvel Comics)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Iron Man (Marvel Comics)

Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Mysterio (Marvel Comics)

Daredevil (Marvel Comics)

The Fab Four (The Beatles) meet the Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics)

Cartoon Style Deadpool (Marvel Comics)

Sketching humans from new angles

BeatleBuddies Contest Entry

The JLA (DC Comics)

Calvin and Hobbes "There's Treasure Everywhere"

Hawkeye (aiming arrow) (Marvel Comics)

Batman using watercolors (DC Comics)

The Muppets

Hawkeye (Marvel Comics) and Green Arrow (DC Comics)

Storm Shadow (GI Joe)

Storm Shadow Fighting Snake Eyes (GI Joe)

Destro, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Baroness, B.A.T.s, and Zartan (GI Joe)

Duke (GI Joe)

Heavy Duty (GI Joe)

Snake Eyes (GI Joe) (Commando Version)

Snake Eyes (GI Joe) (Visor Version)

Red Fang Ninjas (GI Joe)

Beachhead (GI Joe)

Firefly (GI Joe)

A zombie horde

Spy vs Spy (MAD Magazine)

Grifter (WildC.A.T.S.)

Spawn (Image Comics)

Wildcat (DC Comics)

The WildC.A.T.S. (Wildstorm Productions)

Sub-Mariner (Marvel Comics) and Aquaman (DC Comics)

The JSA (DC Comics)

The Purple Secret and the Secret Silence (Created and requested by :iconandrewsap:)

DC Reboot Justice League (DC Comics)

The Thing (Fantastic Four) (Marvel Comics)

The Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics)

The Secrets (Created by :iconandrewsap: and I, please do not use characters without permission from both of us)

The Avengers (Marvel Comics)

Spawn vs the Clown (For :iconskullsketcher:) (Image Comics)

Deadman (For :iconskullsketcher:)

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow (As Allies) (GI Joe) (Inspired by :icongorechick:)

Spider-Man (Call of Duty: Black Ops Cover Based) (Marvel Comics)

Colors for… By :icondarcat1530:

Deadpool (Marvel Comics) as a GI Joe (IDW Publishing)

Moon Knight (Marvel Comics)

Moon Knight and Daredevil (Marvel Comics)

Rorschach (DC Comics) and Deadpool (Marvel Comics) Inspired by It'sJustSomeRandomGuy's Youtube Videos

Original Character--The Honey Badger, Mercenary

Original Team-DFA

Electrolight (DFA) Collaboration With :icon10outof13doctors:


The Weapon-DFA



Captain America (Marvel Comics)

Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

Iron Fist (Marvel Comics)

The Hand (Marvel Comics) vs The Red Ninjas (GI Joe)

The Watchmen

The Most Epic Crossover Of All Time: Deadpool, Spider-Man, Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman, Starscream, Optimus Prime, Kick-Ass, Master Chief, Simon Ghost Riley (For :iconpoolshostage:)

Darth Vader (Star Wars)

Clone Troopers (Star Wars)

Alien vs Predator vs The Engineers

Also, please do not use my artwork without my permission. Thank you!

And I am going to start a comic book too! It will be called Batman: Legend of Gotham. I have shown some designs but the comic book is coming!
  • Listening to: I Feel Fine-The Beatles
  • Reading: Deadpool
  • Watching: The Batman Trilogy
  • Playing: Call of Duty: World at War


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United States
Name: Joel
Location: Gotham City, USA
Favorite Cartoonist: :iconbuttwiper:
Favorite Style of Art: Comics, Papercrafts, Sketches
Favorite Comic Book Character: Batman
Notes: My brother is Relberg. He is one of my watchers. Also, please feel free to comment on my artwork and give me ideas for more artwork. I am always open to suggestions.

Also I do take requests for sketches, Cubees, or any other type of artwork so please let me know if you have one!

Operating System: Mac OSX
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Wallpaper of choice: Batman Related
Favorite cartoon character: Calvin and Hobbes, Bugs Bunny, Batman, or the Pink Panther
Specialties: Papercrafts, Comic Book Art, Sketches, Digital Art, Photos, Wallpaper, Movie Posters

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