Race Time: -23 Hours!

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Race time: -23 hours!

Something a little fun I thought I'd share for any of you needing cheering up in these times of self isolation. Tomorrow sees the championship final of the first ever 'Marbula One' championship!

"But what is Marbula One?"

Essentially Grand Prix racing, but with marbles. It sounds dull, but the commentary makes it. You'll find yourself rooting for a team in no time. Go Green Ducks (Except you Billy!)


For anyone curious, this isn't the only sporting event Jelle produces, there's also full on Summer and Winter marblympics should you be hungry for more. 

Enjoy! ;)
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Oh, I didn't know you are a fan of Marble Racing. My sister introduce me to the show one day, and I say, why not.

Become a fan of the Hazers and Snowballs.

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Also not to forget: Diecast Rally Car Racing by 3botmaker.


Found these after watching some marble races... Amazing how awesome things can become if you just put some time into it and a good commentary. And several camera perspectives and slow motion.
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I've seen a couple of these, courtesy of my dad, who found it first. They really are more fun than you'd expect, and yes, the commentary absolutely does sell it. :D
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I don't get what the -23 hours means.
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23 hours till the race starts :)

Though now it's 'Race Time: -11 Hours' =P
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And you're counting down the minutes... =P
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5 minutes to race time! =P
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So need to enter a Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst marbles.
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Huge O'Rangers fan right here! Been following the Marbula One since day...one. In fact I started following the Marblympics back in 2017, I just love the production values and creativity.
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O'Rangers?!! My nemesis! :P

Not as much as a grudge that exists between O'Rangers and the Limers though =P
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O'Rangers have a team and fan spirit that Limers can only dream of! =P (Razz) 
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Now that I agree with! :P
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Read about this some time ago - and then slowly but surely forgot about it. But I enjoy watching all sorts of races, so I guess time to jump on this bandwagon and see what it's like Nod
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It's a very fun bandwagon. Just watch out for the accident during the race at the Razzway circuit...

...those poor marbles...

...they never stood a chance...

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I love Jelle's Marble Runs
and don't forget the Sand Marble Rally 
#reachforthestars #teamgalactic 
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Surprisingly, I found my interest waned a little during the Sand Marble Rally. Can't quite say why...

On the plus side, I do have the whole event to watch now! :P
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Marblympics is getting renamed, as Jelle got letter from the IOC about it.
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That's what Jelle said in the comments of one of the reposted vids. Marblelympics changed to Marble League.
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I've been seeing a rise in popularity with this channel and I love it. I can't watch any other sports so here we go!
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One of the benefits of social distancing, it's the only sport where all the teams are quarantined in the same house :P
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Sounds cool but there are so many teams though. Orangers seem to be the fav but any other favorite teams I should look out for?

(Limers looks like the least favorite too)
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