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Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 22.57.45 by bobthedalek
I finally won one of those fake DeviantArt contest raffle draw things! I was starting to get a little worried that everyone but me was getting one :P

Naturally, don't go to the link, and stay safe :)
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10/10 would report
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I got one of those things, too. I immediately reported it as spam! :P
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I just got one too! It's spreading around like the plague or something XD
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Hey, I got the same one like that on my inbox. either it was a prank or just spam, but Ironically I wouldn't answer it.
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Got one too. It couldn't have been more fake.
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Hah, got one literally a day ago. I obviously didn't click the link. I wonder what would happen if I did :XD:

Discord Thonk many thonk Emoticon - Thonk Wait, what if it actually is true but since everyone thinks it's spam they're a giving that gift card to another user after 24 hours over and over again and this way so many people get this message.
thonking :thonk: Very Thonk This is gotta be my favorite conspiracy theory from now on^^
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Got the same note some time ago.
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I got one of those a few weeks ago. But i didn't click the link either, since it revolved around money. 
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The name sure is trustworthy!
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It was phrased differently, but I got one of these way back in December. Kind of amuses me then that I got one way back then and you're only getting one now, because you're a waaaaay more popular of a user than me, and I've noticed spammers then to be more likely to spam the popular users than the near-nobodies stuck in the background like me. :P
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Got one too from other name, I also were afraid I were singled out :P
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deviantartusers.online... Seems completely on the up and up.
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Welcome to the club. Have a free tea.
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Ah. The only thing would've been better is if you'd won a piece of your own art! After all the spammers offered me one of your pieces when I got my spam.
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Yeah, I got the same thing. I reported it as spam and moved on 
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Wow, you won too? It's amazing how many of us were blessed with that scam.
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I'm really curious of who actually believed these.
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You won too!?!

I love winning things and not even having to enter the drawing.

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Do we get a badge for getting one of these notes??? NO...ohh, me sad now.
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