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Congratulations to anyone who read that in a Brian Blessed voice by the way! ;P

Yes, I'm not dead. Apologies! ;)

Instead, my internet has been all but dead for the last month. At it's peak, the fastest speed I was achieving daily was an incredible 0.04mbs. Yup. That slow.

To put it into perspective for those who can't quite picture internet speeds, it was taking over half an hour to load a three minute YouTube video at 144p.

As such, I've been unable to access most of DA for the last month, the internet simply couldn't take all of those tiny artwork thumbnails, let alone the comments!

In short, internets back, Bob's alive, celebratory tea!

Normal service will resume shortly.
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Glad to have you back Bob.
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Stay safe Bob.
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Good to hear. I look forward to seeing more work from you!
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Woooho! Nice to back you :)
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Cool! Thank you for this update!
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The Return of the King!
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So... more silly pony strips are coming soon? YAY!!

It's great to hear that things are improving. Hope your next tea have the bestest taste!
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Until Coronavirus gets you😂. Glad to hear you are okay.
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To slightly misquote a 60's TV series...

"bobthedalek is indestructible. You are not. Remember this. Do not try to imitate him."

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Okay let's see how indestructible you are. Mr indestructible meet chaos God Pinkie, chaos God Pinkie Mr so called indestructible.
Great to have you back.
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Dang beat me to it.
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Yeah, slow internet really sucks! No one should have slow internet ever.
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Say a prayer for the poor unfortunate souls that are STILL stuck with dial-up internet to this day then!

(Yes, they do exist - do a Google search if you don't believe me)
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Welp, sorry for the network issue. :/
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Well, that would do it, all right. :P
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Your concern is noted :P
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