Artist Training Ground 2020 on the way!

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Equestria Daily's annual Artist Traing Ground event is on the way! START DATE: 1st June! Grab those art supplies and get ready, we're starting in 28 days!

"But what is the Artist Training Ground, Bob?"
In short, 30 days, 30 random prompts, 24 hours to create an image for each prompt. You don't have to draw all the prompts, you're free to pick and choose which ones as you like. No skill level required, and open to any kind of art form. All that you need is somewhere to post your art like DA or Derpibooru for the EQD uploader to link to.

More information closer to the time. EQD have a really go explanation post that explains things far better than I ever could! =P
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I'm shocked to see this post now because it means I wasn't on dA for at least four weeks. :(

But I'm happy to see this post now because it means I'm still in time for the ATG. :)

Thanks for reminding me. :)

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Looking forward to what you'll cook up for this year! Always love to see your takes on these prompts.

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Thanks Ghosties, looking forward to your entries too, if you're partaking of course! I still have no idea how you manage to produce such detailed images in a max of 24 hours.

Though, truth be told, I'm a little worried this year. I've just not been feeling it 'art wise' lately, and I'm not sure what it is. I just don't feel as if I'm creative as I once was.

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I’ll be participating! Always love getting in on some ATG action.

I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully ATG will give you the boost in creativity/inspiration that you need. From my perspective, you’ve always been super consistent and on point with the humor/creativity in your artwork.

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I'm so ready for it
My favorite time of the year!
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Sounds like they're starting it earlier. Last year I was in the woods the whole time it felt like.

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They are indeed. It's normally around September :)
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Is uploading to Instagram ok for EQD? I've been moving away from dA this year.
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I assume so, all that's needed for past events for the the EQD uploader is a link to the page where it's posted an the image url. There should be an upload guide posted on EQD soon.
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Oh boy! I'm actually quite looking forward to that.
RigbyH00ves's avatar
Can't wait to have even less time to draw things while drawing things
FrownFactory's avatar
Oh boy, ATG time! *screams internally*
FriendshipIsHorses's avatar
Aw yeah, it's that time again. Time to give it my all, draw three consecutive pictures and then burn out immediately B-) (Cool) 
EbbySharp's avatar
Man, where does the time go?  Imma doing it again this year! :D
bobthedalek's avatar
Well, given current events I think it's been brought forward. Usually happens around September normally :P
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I never got around to participate...maybe I'll give it a shot this year ^^
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Looks interesting, thought I'm slow when it comes to drawing. I will think about it. :o

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It a good way of learning 'shortcuts' to your own style of art I've found ;)
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Guess thats a good point, I have been mainly looking for ways to improve my art, but to get it done a little faster would be nice. :)

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I've never done it. I wanna do it. It's gonna be a glorious train wreck. Godspeed, friends. 
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