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I'm currently rewatching the series 'Frasier' for the first tie since my uni days (For anyone remotely interested, I'm half way through season 7), naturally, when Starlight had the line "I'm listening" during Marks for Effort this instantly popped into my head! :P

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You got anything for becker
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Five bits says her dad is on the line.

I actually own the complete series of Frasier. I love that show. Especially the episode where he sticks it to those teenagers who tried to savage him on the radio
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Frasier reference I presume?
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Trixie: Oh Sunburst, kiss me you burning hunk of nerd!! 

Starlight: Aaaaaand we will be taking a small commercial break while i STRANGLE my former assistant..

Trixie: Wait, whaa... (gagging horse noises) 

Starlight: Aaaahhh, much better!! And we are back!!!

Spike: Uhhh, aren't you going to lecture her?

Twilight: Nope, i've wanted to do that for years. 
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Starlight: Go ahead, I'm listening.
Me: Well, Starlight, I'm a 32 year old male who's never had a girlfriend, and that really bothers me.
Starlight: I see. It's important that you don't give up hope. I think you need to-
Trixie: Oh, Sunburst, hold me! Kiss me! Tell me you love me!
Me: Wait, what kind of cruel joke is this?!
Starlight: TRIXIE!!!!
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This is great! And there was just a comic with a Frasier reference too!
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This reminds me of a scene from some show I've otherwise long forgotten.

Starlight's caller says, (in a really, really creepy voice): "You have a sexy voice... I LIKE women with a sexy voice... Tell me, what are you wearing?"

Starlight: "A horn with enough magic to fry your grandfather, creep!"
Starlight glimmer writes a a message to trixie: YOUR FIRED!

Trixie Wrights with her magic: I'm in the Union

We need more Frasier references
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I blame you now for having the credits theme music playing in my head all day now while at work. :P
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Good, good...

You'll eventually find a use for all those tossed salads and scrambled ages! =P
Starlight glimmer writes a a message to trixie: YOUR FIRED!
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The P.A. is doing her job i see ^^"""
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And more, she probably made those! :P
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"Yeah. I just wanna make a comment about Father's day, and I also had a question. Seems that every year this quote unquote "holiday" comes around where we honour that "sperm donor" who helped bring us into this world. I find it's just another excuse to have us spend our hard earned money on something our dads REALLY don't need. I mean, I love my father to death, but I don't need to shower him with gifts, like some people might feel they need to do. I think just BEING there for him is enough, and he KNOWS that.

"Now my question is regarding so-called father FIGURES: Let's say the stallion you're in love with is older and/or wiser than you, is that enough for you to think of him as the "father" you've never had? What's your opinion on that?"

Starlight: That's an interesting question, caller. Excuse me while I think about it... and stop Trixie from having me kiss Sunburst in hand puppet form...

".... what???"

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Trixie Returns :iconsays3plz:That's not all Trixie can do, watch as she makes your puppet forms rub their hooves all over each other!
Starlight Glimmer (shut up) plz :iconsays3plz:STOP IT!!!
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Trixie, the great and powerful PUPPET MASTER! :D

:iconkarkovice1: :iconsays3plz: Can she make them do THE NASTY next!?

:iconstarlightglimmerplz: :iconsays3plz: IN YOUR DREAMS, DRAGON BOY!
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Well, if Avenue Q can achieve a whole scene in which two 'waist up' puppets do it, Anything's possible!
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This is the Smartest & Funniest Comic Ever
Fight me on that. :D
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I love Fraiser

:icontrixiecrunchysiplz (With puppets)  "Oh Sunburst...I can't marry you. Trixie is just so smoking hot that I can't resist." "Who said I wanted to marry you, Starlight? Trixie is perfect pony. With the best butt and gorgeous eyes!" "We should totally have a three way with her!" "Totally"
:iconstarlightsuspectingplz: DAMMIT, TRIXIE! WE'RE STILL ON THE AIR!
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