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Slaves With Benefits *Season 7 Spoilers*

Oh Starlight, you and your power mad problems... =P

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Ah yes. Her three-part spell that required Cojerrya and two other spells I can't remember.

Its primary side effect is that its victims take every command they're given literally, so if you tell an affected pony to "go away", chances are they'd run away as far as they could in a single direction until they hit a dead end.

Maybe Twilight can finally place her in Tartarus for a time out.

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Lol nice! Glimmer is worst pony.
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Meaning master mine because she’s not the worst bad guy😡
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Not enslaved, hypno hired help!!
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Maid Trixie and Maid Rincewind? OH MY!
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That's Sunburst, who first appeared (as a foal) at the end of Season 5, and starting in Season 6, we finally see what he looked like as an adult.

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Starlight has the weirdest fetishes imaginable.:rofl:
This has the potential to be a really hilarious horror story.:fear:
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And the most recent episode just gave us what actually the shtick of Starlight is: SHE CAN'T STOP MAGICKING HER PROBLEMS AWAY!! She's like one of those goofy aliens with powers she doesn't always control but are so natural for her she just can't understand when NOT to use them.

Hey, they liked being slaves.

Mainly because that's a side effect of the compulsion spells.
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"You do realize this spell doesn't erase memories right?"
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"...busted..." :P
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Looks like someone still hasn't learned the whole '...with great power comes great responsibility...' thing yet. Classic!
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Nope, they sure haven't :P
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I hate the 'where am I' cliche with mind control magic.
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Trixie (Sad)
Trixie Returns :iconsaysplz: Not that Trixie minds this.
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Well, it was just a matter of time before she would go back to her old ways
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More like power Maud problems...
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