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I actually did this last night. Naturally it had to make it into comic form.

MLP:Fim owned by Hasbro.
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So... What is Vinyl doing on the chair rest?????

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That's pretty much how card games present stories
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Oh that would just drive me up the fucking wall XD
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Just wait until you get to Trapped in the Closet, Tavi
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This s y I prefer listening to music on my ☎ by using Utube
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And now imagine it is a FoE story where each chapter is around 3 hours long

enjoy :-D
I think I saw this same joke in a newspaper comic once.
What was the play?
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What is Vinyl doing?
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At least Vi is reading, usually when I watch TV my cat sits like Vi and starts snoring.
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She's holding an ancient form of parchment called a "newspaper". Hundreds of years ago, before Al Gore invented the internet, people would print textual accounts of recent events on splotches of ink arranged into neat rows, and they would be delivered to your doorstep or available for purchase for somewhere between 5 to 10 cents.
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Your reply made me laugh VERY hard.
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Hey, ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer.
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I know wha5 news paper is I didn't know if it was just comics a magizie or what ut thans for clarifying (PS ignore misspelling this keyboard is crapy)
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Octavia's look in the last panel never fails to make me laugh like crazy.
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River Song's life was on shuffle mode.
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lolz next time check ur settings before playing 
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Damn you shuffle! XD
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You actually sat on the back of Octavia's arm chair while she was listening to an audio book?
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This literally made me laugh out loud XD 

I can totally see Tavi doing this, and you just know Vinyl would never let her live it down.
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