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Setting the Scene

Octavia sure is in for a fright when she wakes up! I also get the distinct feeling she'll ask her Mother to come back from her holiday sooner! :D

And hopefully, I'll never have to draw Vinyl from behind and mess it up like I did here, ever, ever again! :P

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pfhapfb about to happen
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Oh god XDD

I would love to wake up like that though :3
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
That is Evil! I Love It! XD
Ismalith's avatar
that is best prank ever
Enderdragonslayer1's avatar
*Second Panel Reaction* Wait, Vinyl... doing something nice?
*Afterwords* I should of seen this coming
AgentNumbuh227's avatar
One heck of a fright!
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Bob I will pay money for a build your own DJ-PON3. Please get some company to make it for you!
 I know that Octavia is the adult and everything but you got to give her a chance to get back at vinyl for some of the praying she pulled I mean genuine pranks not opportunistic circumstances

Proof positive that Vinyl is both kind and a prankster.  Well, we already knew, but this particular strip is especially cute and funny.
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I see that Octavia has gotten so sick of random sleep-teleports that she's just taken to snoozing on the floor, now.
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I want a build your DJ Pon3 :O
bobthedalek's avatar
Seems everyone does now. XD
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I'm sure they would be very popular if they came to local stores. :D Mmm, ya really should a follow up to this one, showing the results of her prank. Provided you have time enough to do one of course. I can only imagine the results. ;)
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Oh wow, first I thought 'Oh that's so sweet,' before I realized it was another prank! LOLz LOVE IT!
II-edison-II's avatar
I really want to do this.....
templar127's avatar
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Tavi's in for a rude awakening
Blackvegetable's avatar
If she just read the instructions upside down, then I dreadfully and hilariously await the reaction! :XD:
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HA! That'd be awesome
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