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It would seem Sunburst has taken a backwards step with his magic studies! :P

An image originally created for Colour Collective over on Twitter. This week's colour of choice being 'Sweet Potato' (The lighter shade of Sunburst's mane)

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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Twilight wrote a book on friendship. Well, it was only a matter of time.
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If it was THE book on friendship, it'd probably be as big as the entire state of Rhode Island.
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Oh, did I forget to comment on this piece?
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I think he's more an incanter than Vancian. He should try some different methods. The crystaling is a ritual, after all.
Great art and totally in character.
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She's ahead of him, isn't she?
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You'd think that he'd be reading "Mares Are From Venus, Stallions Are From Mars"; while SHE'D be reading "50 Shades Of Hay". =P
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They probably are, they're just so insecure around each other they've got outer covers on them :P
karkovice1's avatar
You mean they won't admit they like each other, even to themselves? =P
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The perpetual 'no, you go first' problem =P
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He's the advanced student. He's already learning magic while Starlight is still studying friendship.
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Beautiful children
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Sunburst: "Can I read yours?"
Starlight: "Sure....wait no...."
Sunburst: "There's a playcolt in here! Featuring Trixie!?"
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I can't tell who looks more worried.
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I love these nerds XD
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This lack of thick outlines around them is really cute. I could totally see them spending mornings like this (and it's adorable!)
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Will you two just kiss already!!
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