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AN IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE: I've had a few people ask if this is to do with the recent leaks. I haven't read any of them, nor do I plan to, so any similarity is purely coincidental!
To be fair to them, it'd be an easy mistake! =P

Well, it was probably inevitable that Sunburst's Parents would turn up sooner or later. Don't worry, they're not becoming the new Octavia's parents though. This is all I have planned for them at the minute.

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Flurry Heart's Color Scheme was a coincidence

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I can explain it

SB: it’s not hers. The baby is princess Cadences.
Stellar: you had a baby with the princess!
Flurry heat: spit take
SB: what!? No no no! not her either.
Stellar: so your telling me “I’m still not a grandmother”.
SB: spit take
"any similarity is purely coincidental"

*gets Stellar Flare's design right down to a T*

Seems legit (in the sense that the standardized disclaimer still covers your ass no matter how obviously false it is)
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Except she'd already appeared in a flashback at the end of Season Five at the time of posting ;)

I just used that as a reference.
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Ha ha ha , hadn't gone back far enough to see this one yet, seems entirely plausible happening!
He hasn't yet, Stellar.  But give it time and they will do it. :D
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Oh yeah, show up after years of no contact with a mare and a kid with similar colour schemes.

What could go wrong? Starlight Glimmer (Shocked) mlp season 6  
Flurry heart does look like a lighter version of Starlight.
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Flurry Heart Just Looks like starlight plus is an alicorn HOW WoULD THEY THINK ThAT
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Xp,this cracked me up!
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This always gives me a chuckle. XD
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I am here after the parent map.
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My favorite kind of missundestanding.
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How could you, Sunburst!? This is why you should've open your mother's letter containing the abortion plan!
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It's scary how accurate your design for Sunburst's mother is.
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Not really, given that's how she looked in the season 5 finale! ;)
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Stellar:   So when’s the wedding?

Sunburst:   Mom, there’s no-


Sunburst:   January 6th!  0_o

Stellar:   Oh....ok then.

Starlight:   Your middle name is Muriel?

Sunburst:   ITS A FAMILY NAME!
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Well, don't I feel stupid...
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Flurry does kinda bear a resemblance to Starlight if you looked closely :P 
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My thoughts exactly.
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