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Priorities *Season 7 Spoilers!*

:iconcantdecideplz::iconsays3plz:This sparkly castle of friendship doesn't pay the bills by itself, Starlight!

I promise, when season 7 starts in just over a month I'll make more of an effort to start up episode based comics again this time round. :P

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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Kick spike out To make more ponies show up

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Just for that she's taking over Spike's KP duty
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What kind of bills would there even need to be? You can't pay rent for something that was magically given to you by a tree., or at least need to.
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Home ownership tax
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Twilight: ...don't push it, missy.
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Did I forget to comment on this one? I did, didn't I? Okay, ahem...

:iconstarlightshockedplz:: I thought you said a charity paid for it!
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Fire Furious Mad: I'm the charity!
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Best part is, this is pretty much EXACTLY what happened.
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Well the good news for Starlight is that she's still gonna live in the castle.
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Starlight, get a job!
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Uhh, Starlight. I think she meantion about you on your own.
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whoa! this place is getting pretty crowded!
Damn Millenials.
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Come now,
We can't leave her on the street, can we? :XD:
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Starlight: That is a yes?
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mad twilie o3o
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Pay up you Cutie Marxist bitch who ruined the show!!
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MLP Twilight Sparkle (Angry) Plz "Pay up!"
MLP Twilight Sparkle (Angry) Plz "PAY UP!"
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