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Oh Rainbow Dash, you know it's only a matter of time... =P

Not enough time for a full multi-panneled comic this week I'm afraid, but the idea of Rainbow Dash participating in a Filly Guides group was too good to turn down! :lol:

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Bow Hothoof PLZ Windy Whistles   That's our daughter!!!  Best water safety pony in all the land!!  So proud.   XD hahaha  Totes adorable. :D
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How much convincing did it take to have those two tie a bow around their tails? =P
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Well, when no one's looking...not very much! :P
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She's obviously a supervisor, not an actual filly guide member.
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Well, yes, but it's slightly funnier this way :P
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Rainbow Dash Crying icon I wanna die.....
MLP Scootaloo (Squee0 Plz GAAAAAASP! That means you get the "hollow from the inside" badge!  (This is the badge)  >   Crying Bubble Icon 
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They're hiding in the bushes, lol.
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They'll know anyway somehow.
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Yup, microphones everywhere :P
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XD oh what sisters won’t do for eachother!
Sorry, Dash, they're your parents, they will know someday, they gave you life, they know you perfectly, they will feel it , just like Spiderman has his spider sense.
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Rainbow Dash Shocked (Emoticon) :iconsays3plz:*gasp* My rainbow sense is tingling!
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My first thought was, "And where do they put that badge, hmm?"

And then I felt somewhat disappointed when I noticed the scarf.
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Stickers, that's the future they need! :P
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*Grabs the phone*

"Hello? Do I talk with Rainbow Dash's parents...? I for ya..."
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Sleepless in ponyville flash backs
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It's been so long I actually had to go back and look at the synopsis for that episode :P
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