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Ah, my cruelness to Octavia, where will it end? :D

Been painting the walls of my Mother's house recently and this little idea about it came to me as I travelled on the train to Bolton (For the last time as well! I move out tomorrow!) Alas, the line work could have been better, had I not been on the train with a driver 'Learning Under Supervision' at the controls. Even though the trains I go on can only go 80MPH at the max, when a driver suddenly realises he's so behind schedule and decides to full throttle one of the trains, how much it shakes about is terrifying! It got even more terrifying when we were still going at 20MPH when we were gliding along the platform at the dead end station at Manchester!

Somehow I don't think the Inspector will be passing him out in a hurry!

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...but she'd painted over the gas tap AND I COULDN'T TURN IT ON