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Magic Moment

Trixie Crying :iconsays3plz:Mommy said you disappeared in the magic store! But Trixie didn't believe her!

Looking at a few comments about this episode, it seems I'm not the only one who thought of this. The idea amuses me way more than it should! =P

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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Canon MG2500 series
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"And I've got the chains and locks to drag you back to mommy."

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Trixie's dad is so good at disappearing he turned it into a career.

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child support can appear out of anywhere

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Im guessing the blue guy is her dad.

He looks embarrassed.

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You owe her SO MANY birthday presents!! XD
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If there was ever a time for a smoke bomb escape, it would be now.
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It just might be him. :)
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I don't remember what but there's this card thing and it says he's actually her father for people who didn't know
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I kinda guessed that.
I wonder if Hasbro will make an episode when Trixie will find her father, of if exists a fanfic about that. 
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They MUST make it canon!!!!! They must! They must!! THEY MUST!!!!
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Trixie visiting her feather at work.
That could be her Daddy, or it could be her Uncle.
Her dad, it turns out.
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Does any pony else realize the other guy looks like a pony version of spike?
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I'm still hung up on the fact that they actually implied that Trixie is the product of a one-night stand, I mean, what else could "Whether or not he's aware he has a daughter is up for debate." possibly mean?
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Actually, I was more curious as to what would happen if her dad asked what she had been doing.

:) (Smile)  “Oh Trixie, welcome home. What have you been up to since you left?”

:icontrixieplz “Well, Trixie took her show all over Equestria until Twilight showed her up with an Ursa Minor, and out of revenge, Trixie put on a magical amulet to take over Ponyville.”

Meow :3  “Uh...!”

:icontrixieplz   “Then, in order to show every pony that Trixie had changed, she was nearly eaten alive by a manticore.”

Oops!  “A what now?”

:icontrixieplz  “Then Trixie saved all of Equestria from a changeling invasion.”

:( (Sad)  “Have you been drinking?”
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They'd definitely be the type of ponies that'd get along well, at the very least. :P
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Well, like father, like daughter! :P
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this so needs to happen in the show
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It's been officially confirmed that he's actually her dad.
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