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Being the workaholic I am, it totally slipped my mind that today is the 31st, so have a 'post halloween' themed image instead! :P

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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Canon MG2500 series
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Call Doctor Whooves. He'll take them all
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What a manipulator pony. XD
Deadpone's avatar
Jelly beans? Pfft! I'll pass.
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Eww! Jelly beans! xP
bobthedalek's avatar
Eww! Anything but Jelly Beans! :P
SyrsaFox's avatar
I made the mistake of being discounted jelly beans after Easter--I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN MY FAMILY EATING THEM!
karkovice1's avatar
:iconoctamumplz: :iconsays3plz: You're right. Looks like we'll have jelly bean cakes until Christmas again this year!

:iconoctadadplz: :iconsays3plz: Oh, JOY!

:iconmlpoctaviaplz: (in the background) Thankfully, Vinyl and I moved in to our own place a month ago...

:iconvinylscratchplz: (in the background) But I LOVE jelly bean cakes...

:iconmlpoctaviaplz: (in the background) HUSH!

 forgive me for pointing out her age thing but I think she's been at this too long she might have to take acting classes again  she's becoming a little too predictable and seeing as how their British or English whichever shouldn't it be jelly babies
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She totally planned this, but I know the feeling. Halloween last year, I deliberately bought only candy I enjoyed, fully suspecting there would be plenty left over that I would have to eat afterwards. :D
bobthedalek's avatar
Ah, the classic trap! :P
LisaWolf's avatar
All to relatable. Don't even get trick or treaters out here and still get candy... "just in case".
bobthedalek's avatar
Well, it'd be rude not too :P
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Well, can't let this candy go to waste. ;)

And same, most of us are too busy to celebrate, but hope you had a happy Halloween/Nightmare Night. Pumpkin 
bobthedalek's avatar
We've never really celebrated it in my house, but thanks all the same! :)
she should've just got them at half price afterwards :)
bobthedalek's avatar
No, no, then they'd be bumped up in price as 'Festive Jelly Beans' the morning after :P
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LOL, this always keeps happening on Easter for me(we do not hide eggs here, instead kids dress out as witches and Easter-men asking for candy, kinda like Halloween)
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Be careful when chowing on candy, you could be bean boozled!
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