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EQD ATG 11 - Day 30
"Draw a pony graduating/Draw a pony moving towards a bright future"

And thus, another ATG comes to an end. Big thanks to Calpain-EqD for once again organising the event!

And now, I'm going to be taking a few much needed days off. I'm not as young as I once was it seems, it's been a real struggle energy wise to put out some of these prompts, and I certainly don't have as much spare time anymore. It'd be nice to get to bed well before 11 pm for once!

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She saw the light and it blinded her eyes she saw the light~

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They're sure as hell blinding when someone has them as headlights

GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

Or maybe they aren't bright enough

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maybe get a light shade then?


Switching to LED lighting is a bright idea… maybe a little too bright!

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My parents grew up on frugality and the 40 watt light bulb... I hated those things... when I started paying the bills I switched to 100W incandescents. Ultimately when the prices dropped, I got the equivalent LED bulbs, love those things to pieces! Same / better light and a fraction of the cost energy wise! Bonus: I can place them in fixtures that had restricted airflow and now give me better lighting in other places as well! (Well at least increasing 40w to 60w LEDs...) =^^=

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Poor mama octavia

"I'm not so sure, I can't see anything!" :XD:

Pony4Koma's avatar

No, they're fine...

Now you can work on a tan without having to go to the beach!

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They all had unexplainable sunburns after that for some reason

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And here I am regularly staying up until noon.

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Enjoy your time off 😊

DrX-Raven's avatar

What tipped you off

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This reminds me of that one scene from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

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When my apartment complex replaced our fluorescent porch lamps with LED spotlights, the glow no longer lights up my room, directing the spot beam straight down. My shortwave and AM mediumwave radio can now log stations across the USA and from around the world, instead of hearing a shriek blotting everything.

TheWoodsyCat's avatar

The GE Vintage LED bulbs are quite nice with their amber coating.

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Well, better LED than fluorescent--never liked the light put off from those fluorescent bulbs, as it's too sterile-feeling and harder on the eyes. LEDs, at least, don't seem to have this problem for me, and feel like they produce a more natural feeling light.

They can be brighter, or at least seem like it, though in reality I think it's more a problem of how LEDs tend to produce a more...for lack of a better word...focused light that makes it seem especially intense, even when it technically should be matching that of a standard incandescent. But yeah, if that's too bright, there are plenty of LEDs out there that are explicitly designed to simulate the more dimmer, warmer glow of lightbulbs of old (I have yet to see a fluorescent that can claim that ;)).

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I'm actually using a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb from Philips and they have warm white version. And of course there's fluorescent tube that uses warm white as well, though there are not too many of them available in the market.

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Some years back, my mother, no doubt tired of hearing my complaining about fluorescents, invested in one of those bulbs. It made no difference, the light it produced still annoyed the heck out of me. Something about fluorescents just don't work for me. :shrug:

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Yeah, because it flickers at a much faster rate. Some can notice the flickering, especially if your country uses 50Hz AC power.

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