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:iconstarlightdozyplz: :iconsays3plz:If you say it one more time, why I'll-
Trixie Returns :iconsays3plz:Take them off?
:iconstarlightdozyplz: :iconsays3plz:Yes.
:iconstarlightquiet2.0plz: :iconsays3plz:WAIT! NO!!!

One of those very silly ideas that came into my head whilst at work. It's good to get them on paper, even if they seem to make little sense.

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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Canon MG2500 series
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Trixie Returns yes.. yess!!! give in to your hatred!!

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Trixie Returns Yes, get angry....its more fun when you're angry~
:iconstarlightsuspectingplz: I don't care for you right now.
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No way I'm buying a t-shirt now. ಠ~ಠ
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wait a minute is that spike's toothbrush that starlight has
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It's a reference to the ending of A Royal Problem, where Twilight shows up as soon as the map declares mission accomplished and claims she's only there to bring Starlight's toothbrush, which pretty much everyone saw was Spike's toothbrush.
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Nope, can't think of a pun.
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Starlight woke up on the wrong side of the bed. :)

That's the best I have.
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:iconstarlightglimmerplz: :iconsays3plz: The joke's getting old, Trixie!
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Trixie Ta-da MLP Icon "Do you still want me, to pick up the Comic book of Kite-stallion 65?"
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she must love south park the fractured but whole and kyle
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Not until Trixie started messing with the game! Something about her favorite classes not being registered in their!
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then starlight will have to explain that was in the first game
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Bwahahaha  XD    this is priceless :D
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Pinkie: "Ooh, these are my jams!"
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Hehe that's good, and yea, I can picture Glimmy wearing those kind of PJs.
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Hehe, how adorable! X3
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