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EQD ATG 11 - Day 29
"Draw a pony or ponies doing as many of our past prompts as possible/Draw a pony reflecting on the past"

Yes, yes she is =P

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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doublethepinks's avatar

I love Clippy more every day haha

keep up the great work!

Foxtide888's avatar

I think he's gonna need a few minutes alone with the book

bobthedalek's avatar

He's far too innocent for that...

Foxtide888's avatar

Lets hope anyway

GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

Where did she put the coconuts?

Pony4Koma's avatar

As per tradition, yes.

Wrestlemaniac829's avatar

Coconuts and grass skirts... *Thumbs up!*

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ZionKraze's avatar

OK, who else wants to see Bubble Pump dressed like that?

AceWissle's avatar

She always dresses in style

DrX-Raven's avatar

You know, seeing that on a horse is not as appealing as it sounds.

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Ah, photo albums. The classic scenario 😅

Neoky28's avatar

Bubble Pump has found yet another victim, sorry stallion, to tempt.

She does seem to enjoy doing this to him, doesn't she? :XD:

tbolt's avatar

Now, I actually want to see one or three of these pictures! =^^=

ragman2002's avatar

must be a fashion trend down there

Scyphi's avatar

Dude. Why did you really expect her to be wearing anything else? :P

madbadger42's avatar

I now find out they are Coconuts, and all this time I thought they were C-Shells.

Myq-Annon's avatar

I figured she'd say " Not all " and turn the page with a smile. He'd turn pale and she continue saying " Oh it gets better .."

Tekkaman18's avatar

Who are these characters? Canon or ocs?

rautamiekka's avatar

I wanna see her wilder mane :P

FableCaster's avatar

Now the question is... Where on her body is she wearing those coconuts? No real need to wear them on the barrel, after all, considering typical equine anatomy... xP

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