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Hawaiian Horsolulu Mare

The result of getting a surprising amount of requests for Bubble Pump in a grass skirt and coconuts after implying it in one of my ATG submissions for this year.

Quite like how this turned out :)

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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I'm pretty sure you're supposed to cut one in half instead of running a string through two whole ones...

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I want to question the coconut placement, but I'm too mesmerized by her elegance <3

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Well, I asked for this.

RuneSoldierDan's avatar

*Sexy saxophone music intensifies*

She isn't the only one:

Tropical Blend
Docard's avatar

Sweet! I'm from Honolulu myself, actually. I write Sandbar as being from Ponilulu, where Whoa Nelly has been its long-running mayor.

Also, I really like Bubble Pump as a character 😊

Digoraccoon's avatar

"Nice coconuts."

Scyphi's avatar

So the million dollar question...why have the coconuts at all? It's not like they're really covering anything. :P

Octadad calls it 'blending in'...

Tropical Blend
Scyphi's avatar

I actually forgot all about that pic. :P

bobthedalek's avatar

Personal drink holders - stick a straw in them and away she goes! :P

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Don't have one too many; Berry Punch hates competition. 😁

I live in Honolulu, and I came up with Ponalulu as a silly pun for the town, as well as Haywaii for the Hawaiian Islands.

Docard's avatar

I use Ponilulu 🤙🏻

I'm from Waialae Iki. Which school you grad?

Chiyawa's avatar

Oh ho ho. Bubble Pump just look amazing. I think she is more suited to live in Horsolulu.

bobthedalek's avatar

Perhaps she would be, but then she wouldn't have the daily fun of teasing Clippy =P

TheExhorsecist's avatar

Swaying to the dulcet tones of Don Whoa

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