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Happy Landings

...and Starlight promptly read up on how grapes are supposedly a good ice breaker for when making a hospital visit! =P

Well, it's a nice alternate reason for landing Flurry Heart on Twilight unexpectedly :P

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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If i were SA, i would Spank her right away.
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she'll teleport and avoid it
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I gotta admit, I've grown quite fond of these Sunburst-abuse comics.
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Poor Sunburst xD

I hope you don't mind, but I created a fandub of this comic, you've been fully credited of course c:…
bobthedalek's avatar
No problem, fan-dubs are fine by me! And thanks for the credit! :)
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Yup, kids will always interpret your requests in the messiest possible ways.
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Talking from experience there I take it? =P
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Tons of it. Children are noise covered in dirt. :D 
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Bahahaha! Poor Sunny.
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R.I.P. Sunburst.
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No I am with you learn a teleportation spell
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this is what is flurry is real bich but she not and she so innocense and she want help but she make mistake like in the episode were she want help baby cake but she make the baby cake mad.....poor flurry 
this reminds me of a gag in a story called "nurse Luna", where Celestia was sick and Luna was trying to get her to take an Ice bath...
"Luna, put me down right NOW!"

classic joke...
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Hey, can I do a fandub of this comic?
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If you want, but there is one already out there:…
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Well thank you for your blessing and here it is if you'd like to have a look:…
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Let's hope he actually landed on something soft. Or at least something that causes less pain.
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It was diamonds DX
Flurry, it's not nice to drop Sunburst off a balcony, even if he was being a poopyhead.
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Bad time to live in a kingdom made entirely of diamonds.

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