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Happy Family

EQD ATG 11 - Day 28
"Draw a pony on the last leg of its journey / Draw a pony coming home"
"Only four?"

MLPFiM owned by Hasbro.
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I've missed these gags

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Yeap, same old Octamum wants a younger child but have to do with Vinyl instead.

Two questions; 1. If Octamum diapered Vinyl again, would she actually use it or would it be for show?

2. Has Octamum considered really adopting Vinyl as another daughter, even though Vinyl already has parents?

ForestTrails482's avatar

Should’ve kept running. Now she’s got a grip on you. 😣

Nylock's avatar

We are always seeing Octavia’s parents around, but what about when Vinyl’s parents come to visit?

Scyphi's avatar

Her parents were visiting...why wouldn't Tavi be literally any place but there? :P

Bluesplendont's avatar

Be best to avoid visiting her at all costs.

Wait a minute:

Is Octamum nomming Vinyls tail?

MrManyIdeas's avatar

Maybe she bite it so Vinyl can't escape while putting the booties on.

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Well at she she is getting in shape

Well what do you know… an indoor “mare”-a-thon!

TheKman100's avatar

"And is that just the first time she caught up?"

Chiyawa's avatar

Tavi: What did you mean FOUR hours? I just left here 10 minutes ago.

tbolt's avatar

As Vinyl turns around and bolts... "We're out of tea! I'll be right back, I hear there's a sale in Trottingham!" =^^=

rautamiekka's avatar

I think only 1 here understood this right ...

DrX-Raven's avatar

She REALLY wants grandfoals.

SPB2015's avatar

It's happening again! Vinyl can never escape Octamum.

Veteran1972's avatar

Oh Vinyl just wear the booties and bows already… know she likes that.😁

BivGalPanAndRaa's avatar

Hey, Vinyl should've expected antics from the in-laws when she married Octavia.

Sparklefan1234's avatar

Octavia: We were playing tag. =P

Vinyl: We were playing go fish! :cries:

Meteus's avatar

Finally, the return of Octavia's parents and their shenanigans <3

KevinHz19's avatar

Nice to see this type of situation for Vinyl again. Been a long time

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