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Foal's Play

...and thus, Twilight suddenly had a reason to draw the line with her princess duties like Cadence suggested! =P

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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...and the mommy urges kick in!
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omg this so adorable
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Well at least you're able to live longer!
Starlight: :( I don't want to be a foal again!
Sunburst: This is all your fault, Starlight.. now I get to leave again :D
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filly starlight is just about one of the cutest mlp fillies on the planet!!
if I was twilight I'd hug n squeeze the life out of that wittle pony myself!

in fact, they're all cute when they're little. :D
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Wouldn't have happened if Starlight wasn't FOALING around!
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This could probably be considered karma on Sunburst’s part.
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Laughing so hard right now that I have tears in the eyes :D
Don't worry, it'll wear off in about a decade.
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Octavia's mom would like to rent that spell.
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Nah, she's had her share... :P
Teapot Troubles by bobthedalek   
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D'aw, Twilight's a momma, now. Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz Starlight Glimmer (Shocked) mlp season 6 
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Starlight: Looks like we're gonna have to grow up ALL OVER AGAIN...

Sunburst: O . O

Twilight: Don't worry! I'll be with you and your growing pains EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

Sunburst: Kill me NOW...
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Those two would be Twilight's ideal kids - smart, studious, good with magic/nerd stuff...
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