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Dead Ringers

EQD ATG7 - Day 14:
"Draw a pony crossing over with your favourite game/book/movie/etc./doing something you enjoy"

And for those of you who may think this is purely a Doctor Who crossover, think again...…

MLP:FiM owned by Hasbro.
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Canon MG2500 series
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I kind of want to see that as an episode now.

ragman2002's avatar

oh god! kill them with fire!!!

Bluesplendont's avatar

Big pass on that one.

LightspeedPhoenix's avatar
Looks like David Tennant Pony is a little miffed with his past selves. XD
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I've started watching Classic Who after solely consuming Nu Who since 2012...Man, was I missing out. THis gave me more of a chuckle for it
FloridanPhotographer's avatar
Oh boy... Paradoxes galore... *Snerks*
nightshadowmlp's avatar
The 4 Doctors: Apple Bloom? ALIEN! Flash Sentry? ALIEN! Pinkie Pie? ALIEN!
10th Doctor: okay that last one might make sense
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Stupid time travelers! =P
karkovice1's avatar
With Doctor Whooves, ANYTHING's possible! :D
Argus456's avatar
Heh, bet they were hoping that future them were gingers.
BubblegumBeats's avatar
So is the normal Doctor Whooves the 10th Doctor? Either way, this is funny. >~<
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Before I could read the title or the text I thought to make a reference to that scene because I was instantly reminded of it BRILLIANT!!
This is reminiscent of Discord and his multiple selves... :)

Also, those ringers are most certainly dead. XD
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Doctor with the leather jacket never really had a chance to properly develop his persona. 
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Christopher's term as The Doctor was very short, but at least we got some memorable adventures out of it.
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"I was intense me, your doctor who it's just... Jarvis Cocker in space."
Christopher Eccleston
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It's a quote from the thing this is taken from
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Man, if they can get all the doctors together and have them watch tv, I would die a happy human. 
bbasco2's avatar
Did you see the video in the link in the description?

It may not be long enough to let you die happy per se, but it may send you to the clinic in a jovial mood
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