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Bubble Pump - Reference Sheet

Something I've been meaning to do for a while now since people kept asking for one, a quick reference sheet for Bubble Pump. I'll do one for Clippy to when I get the time.

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sethbramwell's avatar

I love the touch of her shirt always being creased and not ironed. Bubble Pump don't GAF!

bobthedalek's avatar

She sure don't =P

Pony4Koma's avatar

I thought Princess Celestia had banned turtle necks...

bbasco2's avatar

Bubble apparently is an anarchist rebel

bobthedalek's avatar

Anarchy of the pettiest level, no doubt =P

Meteus's avatar

She's such a nice pony ^^

RuneSoldierDan's avatar
Myq-Annon's avatar

SO her night shirt and black undies didn't make the sheet?

sethbramwell's avatar

Had not thought of that and now I want it...

bobthedalek's avatar

"Fashions of Bubble Pump" could be a reference sheet all of its own, there's too many!

madbadger42's avatar

Someone buy that pony an Iron, and I'm not talking golf!

"Cute comic, I always look forward to seeing your work!"

Chopsticks-Pony's avatar

Excellent. I kinda had an idea to draw her, but I was hesitant due to not having any good refs.

Now you just need one of the Kettle Master.

tbolt's avatar

Love the ref! =^^=

Who needs to iron something that is 90% hidden, that is called efficiency!

webkilla's avatar

love the clothing design

TheBrickBasher's avatar

what color are her eyes though?

bobthedalek's avatar

D'oh! Knew there was something I hadn't done right! But for future reference until I update this, her eyes are the same dark brown colour of her mane :)

SOENJAY's avatar

Valid question for those with artstyles that use eye color.

meiyeezhu's avatar

What about spring and autumn wear?

TheBrickBasher's avatar

Why do I have a feeling the answer is her default attire?

aqdrobert's avatar

MLP Derpy Emoticon Gif

May Derpy help you with future reference sheets?

Rainbow Dash told her to bug some other pony.

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