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Au Nature-al

Yes, yes I am proud of that pun!


The moment I saw Starlight in the cloak, I was was tempted...

...the minute it showed her messy mane, I was certain this was the idea to go for! =P

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He’s happy it’s something

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Sunburst: (starts looking heartbroken)

Starlight: (rolls her eyes) Buuut I'm not saying I'm not flattered that you like this look.

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She looks like she just walked out of a 1980s action movie
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Trust me Starlight, that's not the worse thing to run into when camping. *Jason Vorhooves right behind me* O_O *runs away*
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That fine line between "Going camping" and "Joining the Marine Corps"
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and that is how the revolutionary war happened. (jk)
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this is a sunburst smiling: You're mane, it's so beautiful!

:iconstarlightreallyplz::*Dog-like growling* 
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Starlight: It was AJ and Rarity’s idea.
funny how he never showed such interests before
When one is reclusive... :shrug:
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For once, I agreed with Starlight. I really don't like camping.
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Yeah, they're a couple alright. One wants to bang while the other isn't in them
Starlight sure doesn't like camping, so this means that she will ascape everytime at Sunburst's home
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yes you did, Starlight, every bad life choice you made has led up to you looking like this. You should have known better
Or should have learned better. :|
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Sunburst: I can't help it! Your mane looks AMAZING!! It almost matches mine!

Starlight: You DO need to get out more...

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Yup, he sure does! :P
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...or messy manes! =P
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So he wants her to look like him?
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Take a photo, Sunburst, it'll last longer.
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