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June 24, 2021
150,000 toothpicks - Bob Morehead by BobsToothpickCityArt
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150,000 toothpicks - Bob Morehead


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This recently completed section of my toothpick city took three years and 150,000 toothpicks to create. Bob’s Toothpick City Art by Bob Morehead 2021
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dude thats epic

MettlesomeKnight's avatar

I am going to bed and just saw this….. Bravo good sir! This looks painstakingly stressful to make 🙃

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Wow amazing work;P

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Have you considered mechanisms who really work in small like Windmills? or this one, also amazing

I really like your Art

Came across your work as I was signing off, But I had to let you know how great this work is! Super Job!

kasaibou's avatar

THREE YEARS?!?!?!?! That's a lot. Excellent work!

That's impressive work!

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=O That is amazing! Congrats on your DD!

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magigrapix's avatar

Looks amazing. Have you thought about doing a toothpick sculpture of Balcony (1945) by Escher?

BobsToothpickCityArt's avatar

Thank you…that would be a cool challenge

Simply breathtaking!! Thank you SO much for sharing!! ~ Hugs ~

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