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Daily Deviation
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By BobSmith006
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I was going through my art files on my computer, and I found this unfinished emote. So last night, being as bored as I was, I sat down and finished it.

I don't know if this is the real name for the dance, but my sister and me call it the "mashed potato." It's definitely fun to do. :lol:

Due to a request, it's now a plz account: :iconmashedpotatoplz:

And it's now on Zikes as :mashedpotato:

And now with more flippedityness:
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IAmDaBestofDaBestHobbyist Digital Artist
:pashedmotato: by BobSmith006 :mashedpotato: by BobSmith006Boogie! My Dork Dance 
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:iconmashedpotatoplz: :iconmashedpotatoplz: :iconmashedpotatoplz: :iconmashedpotatoplz:
:iconblackdivider5plz: :iconblackdivider5plz: :iconblackdivider5plz: :iconblackdivider5plz:
YEEAH AWESOME! xd I love the expression of ^^
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SongsOfTheForgottenHobbyist Writer
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SongsOfTheForgottenHobbyist Writer
Rawr i cant do it :C
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FTSArtsHobbyist General Artist
:iconmashedpotatoplz: thats cuz you gotta put "icon" after the first colon and before the mashedpotatoplz You can always use the preview button at the bottom of the comment window to see if what you are typing is gonna work too ;) 
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xxAlaskanChickxxStudent Artist
:iconmashedpotatoplz: WHOOOO!!!!!!! XD
TexasDreamer01's avatar
Now it be named thus! :D
MysticalFG's avatar
MysticalFGHobbyist General Artist
Yeaaaahh :iconmashedpotatoplz: Awesooomeeee :icondummydanceplz:
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superSHMUCKStudent Digital Artist
Listen to Ke$ha's "Blow" and watch this. :rofl: It actually really works.
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hhahahahahahahah sooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooool!
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SiranthaJaxHobbyist Digital Artist
It's so cute!
I love it!
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TheyUsedToHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love dancing emoticons!
This is very cute :D
SwirlyEyesHypnotize's avatar
SwirlyEyesHypnotizeHobbyist General Artist
Mashed potato! Mashed mashed potato! XD Love this dance!
GoldDragonPrincess's avatar
Epic! :dummy:

Congrats on the DD too :aww:
GoldDragonPrincess's avatar
You're welcome :dummy:
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MangaAgnamHobbyist General Artist
Twist, twist, twist, twist, mashed potato, mambo!
dragonwing1312's avatar
Mash potato, mash mash potato! :mashedpotato:
WeluDixon's avatar
WeluDixon General Artist
The blur on the hands is awesome. Of course as I saw the emote I had to do the dance. :lol:
t-h-y-m-e's avatar
i love this!
TotallyPenguin's avatar
TotallyPenguinHobbyist General Artist
Awesome! But how do you upside down it?
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Animaker131Student Digital Artist
awe!!!!! I love it!! It's so cute!! :iconmashedpotatoplz:
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Loulou13Hobbyist General Artist
I commented on your plz account. But just incase you don't see that. I not only faved this But I'm definetely going to use this in my comments. :iconmashedpotatoplz:

and yes it was a dance. I'm as old as dirt so I know.
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