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The Willow Tree
We carved our heart
in the willow tree,
its leaves
tickling our skin,
laughing with us
in the summer breeze,
the sun
peeking through its branches.
You said you were moving away.
Our time had come
to an end.
One final goodbye,
an embrace beneath the willows,
shadows clinging
to our figures.
I knew then
that you would never return.
Fall arrived
with its cooler nights.
The campfires weren’t the same
without your s’mores
and your scary stories.
Winter returned
in its frozen fury.
Do you remember
our snowball fights
and our angels
soaring towards the stars?
Bird songs announced
the coming of spring.
I thought I heard you
among the melodies.
My memories of you
have begun to fade.
But our willow tree
still stands on the horizon,
our heart
still etched in its bark.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 5 3
A twilit kiss
on the edge of reality,
the warmth lingers
for a second too long,
before darkness
snuffs the remaining flame,
stars and planets
glittering in the night sky.
The moon,
with its watchful gaze,
illuminates each scratch
etched into Earth’s skin.
The constellations,
with their infinite wisdom,
whisper their secrets
to the attuned few.
When light
Filters through darkness' grasp,
and the secrets of the night
begin to fade,
that what is gone
is not forgotten,
it is just hidden
until the end of day.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 4 1
To gain is to have,
To have is to hold,
To hold is to cherish,
To cherish like gold.
To have is to hold,
To hold is to want,
To want is to risk,
Risk all for the hunt.
To hold is to want,
To want is to fear,
To fear is to clutch,
To clutch what is dear.
To want is to fear,
To fear is to lose,
To lose is to forget,
To forget what you choose.
To fear is to lose,
To lose is to lack,
For one step forward
Causes two steps back.
In counting the steps,
Two truths will remain:
To forget is to remember,
To lose is to gain.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 5 1
Emotional Rollercoaster
My heart wants to smile and my soul wants to soar
When I feel like I'm living on top of the world,
When all things are right and I want nothing more
Than to spend all my moments with the one I adore.
My heart wants to shrivel and my soul wants to weep
When I find myself living in a valley so deep.
When all things are wrong and I just want to sleep,
I curl up in silence so alone and so weak.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 3 3
Waking Up
In the early hours,
Light falls through the pane.
One eye opened,
Viewing the morning text.
Each day I get to sleep in,
You wake me with a smile,
On top of the love you send
Under the moonlight before.
Kept hidden by my pillow,
Eyes close with a grin.
Loving thoughts fill my mind,
Such a great way to begin.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 3 0
You are much more happy
Than when I first met you.
But still there are moments
Where I can feel
The ache and sadness,
Destruction and hate
From before.
I know it won't ever disappear,
But sometimes I forget,
Especially during the moments
Of laughter and love.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 3 0
3am Escapade
On a night so cold and windy,
We walk beside the street.
We talk about our poems
Among other little things.
I smile at your laughter,
And see how your eyes shine.
They warm my heart with loving,
In this happiness of mine.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 2 3
The Tamer
I am the tamer.
I wrangle wild hearts.
I show them sweet serenity
And show them who they are.
The truth behind the layers
Of pain and of despair -
I promise I will lure it
With my love and with my care.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 1 3
Nervous twitch.
Shake my leg.
Look away.
Scratch my head.
I turn back,
Catch a smile.
You were watching
All the while.
Awkward laugh.
Check my phone.
Still too early
To go home.
But I don't want
To leave your side.
Gathering thoughts,
I confide.
I whisper secrets
No one knows.
Yet these I trust
In you alone.
I twitch again.
Shake my leg.
Look at you,
And grin instead.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 1 1
Undefined by Time
We have not known each other
For as long as some would think,
But the time we've spent together
Has been far from meaningless.
There are days when we are closer,
And we snap together perfectly.
There are days when we are separate,
And we struggle to connect.
But each day has been a blessing
And each moment full of life.
I am thankful for every second
I spend with you right by my side.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 1 3
One Day at a Time
The world is so blurry,
Lost in the haze
Of unsure tomorrows
And lost yesterdays.
And if today is a gift
Then in the present I'll stay.
And despite all these thoughts,
I'll live it my way.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 3 1
Petals in the Wind
He never really knew
How she felt about him.
He just knew
She spent minutes,
Hours huddled over
Little baby flowers,
Picking, tossing,
Counting the petals.
He loves me.
He loves me not.

She always knew
How she felt about him,
From the day they met
Until the day they'd die.
But how did he feel?
She hurriedly pulled petals,
Wanting their wisdom
To shine through the uncertainty.
He loves me.
He loves me not.

Neither of them noticed
The odd number of petals.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 2 1
Head down, faking sleep.
She opens her eyes
And gazes at me.
Shy smile, looking away.
She buries her face
Into her jacket.
Rose-red cheeks.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 1 1
Your Eyes
They stare at me in wonder.
They sparkle in the light.
They make me feel important
When they look at me each night.
They taunt me with their secrets.
They smile in your bliss.
They gaze when I'm not looking
But that glance I cannot miss.
They close when you are tired,
But you can always see
That it's in these eyes I realize
What your love does mean to me.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 2 1
Drama is the bane of life,
Destroying peace and causing strife.
It beats you down with constant fury.
It makes you stress and makes you worry.
It destroys friends and families too,
And above all else it destroys you.
There is one cure to the dramatic flare:
It's loving all and being there
To talk through all the whispered pain
And bring back that lost trust again.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 2 4
After Midnight
Sometimes I just want to be near you.
To talk, to listen, to laugh.
To sit in comfortable silence.
But the world likes to join too,
Yelling and screaming and complaining.
Stealing our focus, our time.
But with due patience,
We manage to break away
And find our own hiding place.
It comes at a high personal cost,
But you are worth it.
Because in those late moments,
Talking, listening, and laughing with you,
I feel loved.
:iconbobsmith006:BobSmith006 1 0


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