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Acrylic paint (LUKAS) and waterproof pens ( Multimark Faber Castell/ ZIG POSTERMAN)
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Do you put a finishing coat of some sort to keep em from being worn off or washed off?
Also, WIN!
Shimon-Ifraimov's avatar
wow this is so cool

do you have a tutorial on how to do it ?
Bobsmade's avatar
search at youtube or myspace for "bobsmade"
LemonHobbit's avatar
All your stuff is awesome and beautiful

BTW, where do you get all the shoes that you use? I've been looking to get some new Converses...
OMGOSH that's hottt
good job
nayruasukei's avatar
So basically, you made converse that are original and totally don't suck. Major kudos!
raiia's avatar
Dude, if you made me a pair of shoes and sent 'em to me, I'd pay you...alot of money.
Bobsmade's avatar
Ok, some Tokio Hotel shoes? :D
raiia's avatar
Hmm, well, I neeedddd money real bad, so it would take a while to earn people here in sarnia i tell you!
minkastar's avatar
totally ace shows i love'em :D
DelinquentDog's avatar
OMG i want a pair like these.... O_O (totally awesome shoes dude)
kcansaldo's avatar
awesome shoe design :D
Sluganda's avatar
my favourite from you
Bipolar-Parrot's avatar
*drools* They're gorgeous.
the3plesix's avatar
helius-kun's avatar
Your stuff took my breath away :D Give it back. :D Love this one so much.
loesjuh's avatar
Can you ever make ugly shoes :P ?
STLUKA's avatar
another lovely shoe design, congrats my friend :hug:
cyern's avatar
gosh...ur shoes are great...i'd just like to ask whether u apply anything onto the shoes before u paint on them cos ur lines and details are so neat and clean...
rotsentu's avatar
oooh classic controllers... retro gaming rules!
LittLe-NaN's avatar
Wow, you ar sooo talented!!!, i can't believe what you are able to do... i wish i coud do something that cool! ^^
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