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Acrylic Paint and Faber Castell waterproof pens on cotton.

Commission from Mr Bruno Tovar from Brazil :)
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omg you have fin in there thats mathmatical dude!!
Forever-Slave's avatar
so you design shoe graphics? awsome!
Does it take awhile to make 'em?
I really like your style in art :D
Bobsmade's avatar
about 8hours i need
Forever-Slave's avatar
wow, thats a very long time, does it get tiring?
falsereality748's avatar
all your shoes are amazing:)
do you seal the paint with something? Like, to prevent it chipping and cracking?
laceratedwrists's avatar
good day!

last january 3, 2009, i started a thread where you shared which art inspired you the most.

it's either your work or a work you've submitted has been featured here - [link]

thank you much! :heart:
Th-Ea-Bes's avatar
how much would it cost to ship to canada?
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12,90 Euro
here my pricelist [link]
crackpotstock's avatar
love all of your stuff. when i get the cash i'm definitely buying. XD
Paups's avatar
That looks awesome.
Hopeazul's avatar
like always amazing work
blank-crow's avatar
awh wow i LOVE the black and white! your style still amazes me.
jaswal's avatar
another lovely design.
somethingtodowithsky's avatar
Nice, what kinda paint did you use?
rainbow-art's avatar
autismandpossesed's avatar
keren is coolllllll
katmcgeer's avatar
they look really really great!
MostxEvilxandxChibi's avatar
The acrylics, do they wash off? I plan on doing these for my neice and nephews for their birthdays next year and I'm trying to get all the info I can before then.
Bobsmade's avatar
it dont wash of, better you wear them just to special days
MostxEvilxandxChibi's avatar
Alright, thank you. ^^
aiwa-9's avatar
i love this one~~ it fills the entire shoes~ and looks so gd~
mygzone's avatar
what is the model of the shoe?
i'm gonna check how much cost the shipping to chile, will be awesome if i can get one bobmade shoes!
Bobsmade's avatar
Its a low Chuck and shipping world wide cost 12,90 Euro, and the Shoe itself 80 Euro ;)
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