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Bobsmade handwrite Font

My own handwrite, hope you enjoy
© 2013 - 2021 Bobsmade
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Hello ! How can i dowload it?
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It certainly is an awesome font! Thanks for uploading this, I like it. :la:
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I'll use this font forever.
Gosh you're amazing.
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I really love this font, would I be able to use it for commercial purposes?
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how do i use this
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im not the only one who writes there a's like they show up on the computer! :iconsuperw00tplz:
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please add: Ąą Ęę Ćć Śś Óó Łł Źź Żż... please :>
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I made a lyric video on YouTube from this font for One Republic's "Secrets". Thanks a lot! [link] [link] [link]
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This font totally rocks!

Thank you for having super awesome handwriting. :happybounce:
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It would be even better if you consider for a future version, make several options for each character in order to follow the direction of a handwritten font. Handwrinting never do twice the same letter exactly.
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I don't know why, but the fact that there is 2 u's made me :)
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i know im gonna sound really stupid...
but how do i get this font? xD do i download it or something...? xD
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Yeah, to the right there's a "Download File" button. Click it to download, open it and hit install. If you are on XP or an older operating system, you'll have to manually install.
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ermahgerd thank you so much... :la:
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I love it ! it's amazing, just do bad it dont have ÆØÅ :P
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I will use this to make my next lyric video on YT. I will credit you. If I can't then reply and I won't. This is an epic font.
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love that this isn't silly as hell looking like so many handwriting fonts! very nice!
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This is actually a very nice font (nice handwriting!). It's casual and looks real, and not goofy and stupid like most 'handwriting' fonts. Good work. Thank you!
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