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The Human Abstract

By bobrobon

Modified flame from *Zjyslav's flame pack
Amber gradient from ~saturnstock's dark gradient pack

Although there is a band named The Human Abstract, this piece is not related to it in any way...

Original image is 11250x8208 pixels. In other words, massive.


Update 7/18/10 -- **If you enjoyed this, check out my latest re-render of The Human Abstract with some Photoshop postwork!: [link]**
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11250x8208px 44.59 MB
© 2007 - 2021 bobrobon
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ariya-sacca's avatar
Wheels within wheels
MelyD-artist's avatar
Quite interesting
Daemon72's avatar
great stuff, i used to not be a real big fan of abstract but am finding it really cool stuff 
AromaShank's avatar
This is beautiful! Could I please use it as a background for my blog? I'll credit you and all that jazz :U
bobrobon's avatar
Sorry for the slow reply. You certainly can use it, with proper accreditation! :)
DarkVoidPictures's avatar
Reminds me of time and infinity.
I'm on an HP Netbook, and it does not have any good backgrounds at all. May I use this is my background? :D
bobrobon's avatar
Sorry for the super late reply, but yes, feel free to use it as a wallpaper if you haven't already!
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I am searching for a unique abstract to use as my Facebook Timeline photo and this one stood out. Any chance I could have your permission to crop this and use it?
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Hi! Since you asked so kindly, yes, feel free to use it for your Timeline photo! Enjoy! :D
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Thank you miss :)
Drakavai's avatar
Now this is excellent, very unique style...D
bobrobon's avatar
NPLMxAndi's avatar
this is very awesome
bobrobon's avatar
xeasadeyo123's avatar
lol. i think of reese's pieces when i look at the 2 spiked round think. XD Jeez. this picture is making me hungry. HAHAHA. :P

Awesome Job. =D
wow this is awesome man.
NorthboundFox's avatar
How long did it take this to render? An image that size must have taken a super long time!
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