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While on holiday in Hong Kong, I had been doing some sketches of terminators. This image was one of those sketches taken to a more complete stage.

It kind of difficult to find things to add to terminator armour to make it fit more with the more "tacticool" styling of the Raptors space marine I did a while ago. Terminator armour just doesn't need much more additional equipment for clearing tunnels.

I used blender to help sketch out a large part of the background as well as provide a lighting set up for the rest of the image.

Edit: Inspiration Credits: The battle damage is inspired by the "Sons of Wrath" piece by ukitakumuki did for the Black Library e-book of the same name. I also referenced images of molten rock for the effect.
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Are they salamander or dark angels
(This is also a follow)
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Neither, they are Raptors.…

Raven Guard Successors.
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If in doubt, bring a bigger gun...
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Love these so much ; w ; Had to share these with EVERYONE I knew had any interest in 40k. Even the non-marine fans xD And they agreed it was awesome regardless.  Congrats on your art skill! c: May it continue to grow and bless us with more eye candy.
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Thank you so much for sharing the art with other people! It is great to hear that people like it. xD

Cheers! I'll keep painting as long was I have limbs!
Your work on the raptor chapter marines are amazing. I like the idea of them being "practical marines" and I feel like you've achieved that very well in these pics.
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Cheers man! Its heartening to hear those kind words!
You deserve it, your works are phenomenal. 
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fantastic work! i really like how cool that terminator look. :D
Bobot073's avatar
Yay Thanks! He was fun to draw!
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 Youngsters and their "practicality" - next thing you know they'll be limiting themselves to just shooting their enemies and foregoing all the virtuous pleasures of tearing apart Enemies of the Imperium with their own armoured fists!CURSE YOU! 
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Haha, close combat is best combat!
Libra1010's avatar
 Only if you happen to be winning!
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Thank you for linking this, that was a fun stop motion video. :)
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Very nice coloring, poses are very done as well. Good job!
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I was going to say something about the low point of view...but what the hell, this is more or less what an actual human would see!
Bobot073's avatar
Haha, from the eyes of a dead man! 

Out of curiosity though, what were you going to say about the low POV?
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
That is very low.
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Lol, fair enough! 
Nice. Love how you have done the battle damage.
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Thank you! The original idea was from The Sons of Wrath e-book cover, which was done by Ukitakumuki. You can see the las-burns on their armour.
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