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The Exorcists



Some Warhammer 40k Fan art this time around, featuring veteran marines from the Exorcist Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) purging some Xenos.

This is a special piece to me because 40k was a pretty decent part of my childhood. This piece marks the first time I have drawn something I am truly happy with regarding this franchise.

I hope everyone enjoys this piece as much I enjoyed creating it!

Edit: Re did the muzzle flare from the heavy bolter and the skulls for the crux terminatus and helmet ornamentation. Should look less goofy, more in line with actual skulls.

Edit2(170929): I wanted to see how I could improve upon the image using the skills I have acquired up until this point. To that end I looked to increasing the contrast in the image by using a dark blue "overlay" layer over the entire image while making sure the areas that were being lit from the left were excluded. I also applied some gaussian blur to specific areas of the image to further drive the people's attention more toward the face of the thunder hammer space marine. On the accuracy front, I made sure to resize the backpacks of the heavy bolter marine and the thunder hammer marine. On second inspection of images of space marines and some feedback I remembered from a while ago (actually it was in the comments, thanks Victortky! Sorry for being far too slow implementing these changes.)

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