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My interest in the Storm Wardens has always revolved around their Tempest Blade units. The idea of a group veteran marines wielding massive two-handed weapons challenging enemy champions on the field of battle was on one hand absolutely ludicrous, and on the other it was incredibly badass. Each marine constantly seeking out new challenges to overcome, new knowledge about their world and themselves, even if it kills them.

In any case, the point for me in this piece was to work on my ability to correctly place specular highlights while painting. The lighting set up of the image and the prominence of reflective metallic surfaces on the Storm Warden provided the plenty of opportunities to work on placing those "highlights".

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Never heard of the StormWardens. I like their rep.

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"this is my sword, your believes are invalid, heretic"
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I have no other words ma dude.
This piece... in all its simplicity, showcases the very basic awesomeness of the 40K space marine. The next time I'm trying to explain what a space marine is to a normie, I'm starting with this. This is far better than any combination of words I could use.
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Hey, thank you for your kind words! Much appreciated!
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I was trying to find art of the warden from for honor but this'll do.
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At first glance, I actually thought this was a 3D model.
Looks really awesome and the subtle weathering is looking great.
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Thank you for your kind words!
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Darn solid.
The reflection of the oath paper is a nice touch. Also the subtle weathering and grime on the armour.
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Amazing work on his armor :)
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Thank you very much!
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very good rendering. so clean and crisp it looks like 3D!
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Great representation of an even greater chapter with a rich and tragic backstory. 
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Yeh! Not sure if will see more of them from GW in the future, but I certainly hope so!
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Really nice one !
I can guess other artists could find better critiques than me but...I think that sword deserve more highlights too :D
Otherwise really great detailing and reflections !
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Thanks! Ill look at the highlights on the sword again, maybe bump up the reflections a bit more.
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You're welcome ^^
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