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Primaris Raptor Marine

Old helmet + new helmet

Just a quick space marine painting while doing other stuff.
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He is only suing scope to give time enough to hide,....not that it matters, why you ask because he using the White Death tactic, 
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Uh-oh, the Reasonable Marine just got upgraded

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Upgrade to extremely reasonable marines? :D
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Cheers! Thank you!
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Stalking your prey.

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Oh look, a Marine actually utilizing tactical camo instead of ridiculous paintjobs. A technique of the pre-Space Terra.

Also if this is quick for you I am exceptionally envious

For the Man Emperor btw

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'Camouflage is the colour of fear... I have no need to hide from my foes... I have no fear of death.'

Said the guy who was eventually mortally wounded enough to be turned into a dreadnought, Carab Culln

Well it depends on how either of us quantifies fast right? My quick is doing it under a day (12 hrs total time) xD. 
In any case, siphon that envy into determination and practice! Goodness knows that how I fuel some of my practice after looking at other people's amazing art.

For real though, if I pulled the trigger on making videos on how I go about doing these images would you be interested in watching it? Been contemplating doing something like that for a while, just not sure anyone would want it.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to look at this image. Cheers!
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The way I usually "upgrade" my skill is study creations of other artists near my level (which is low to high mid tier cartoon\anime portraits\full body\comics) and try my best to "disassemble" the drawing into simple-to-learn techniques by eye. But when the gap of experience is way to high, I see nothing but a whole, singular picture.

I most certainly would watch specific tutorials, but knowing myself, I am going to follow one per month tops. I reckon there are people who would be more willing to study with you tho

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Yeah, I understand what you mean. The good thing is that the gap always gets smaller over time.

Thank you for answering the question! It will certainly help me in the future.
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You are welcome? I reckon you already knew the answer

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Intellectually yes, but having an actual person say it makes it more certain that the answer is 'correct' to my brain.
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Good for you, then

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This looks amazing, its like seeing eye to eye with the legendary hero who watches over you
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